Axios Says Jared Kushner Not Pushing Trump to Concede

Of course they’re going to try to protect Jared Kushner.

The Week:

Jared Kushner is not suggesting to President Trump that he should concede the presidential election, Axios’ Jonathan Swan reported Sunday morning.

CNN’s Kaitlan Collins had previously reported that two sources told her Kushner had approached his father-in-law about the possibility, though it was unclear whether Kushner was actually in favor of the move or if he was just trying to gauge Trump’s preference. Swan’s latest report doesn’t contradict that such a conversation took place, but it does indicate Kushner is in favor of pursuing “legal remedies” to the election, which Trump has claimed, without evidence, was stolen from him by the Democrats through widespread voter fraud.

You can believe whatever you want, there is no evidence of either thing, but here’s the thing: Jared Kushner is an Israeli agent, and Israel is very excited to have Joe Biden in office, because they know he’s going to bring them their wars that Donald Trump refused to bring.

As such, even if he isn’t already doing it, Jared Kushner will use whatever influence he has to try to remove Trump from office, by any means necessary.

Kushner never cared about Trump. The only thing he ever cared about was helping his fellow rats. He will continue to do that.