Awesome Poland-Style Far-Right March in Spain!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 18, 2017

It isn’t a “Nazi salute.”

It is a Roman salute. It is ancient.

Mussolini was already using it before Hitler started using it. I think Spanish nationalists might have also been using it before the Germans.


Hundreds of people joined a march held by the far-right Spanish Falangist movement. Some demonstrators were spotted giving Nazi salutes and singing fascist anthems as they marched through the streets of Madrid.

On Friday, crowds took part in the march to commemorate Jose Antonio Primo de Rivera, the founder of Falange Espanola, who was executed by the Spanish Republican government on November 20, 1936. Created in 1933, Falange Espanola was a nationalist party inspired by Italian fascism.

People were seen lighting torches, holding their right arms aloft in far-right salutes and singing the Falangist anthem ‘Cara al Sol’ (Facing the Sun). The demonstrators marched holding banners belonging to the Falangist party and Spanish flags, and took a route from Genoa Street in Madrid to the Valley of the Fallen, to the northwest of the city.

I would also like more information, but RT is the only outlet reporting on this in English.

They don’t even say how many hundreds it was. But apparently, it wasn’t 60,000. So Poland is still winning the Nazi game.