Awesome Greek Police Beat Migrants, Steal Their Shoes, Put Them on Trucks Back to Turkey

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 8, 2020

God bless the Greek police.

They truly are the only heroes left.

Daily Mail:

Having fled one of Syria’s many bloodstained battlegrounds, Muhammad spent years struggling as a refugee in southern Turkey.

Last week, after hearing the country’s border gates were being opened, he achieved his long-cherished dream of reaching Europe. However, he soon discovered he had descended into a dark new nightmare.

This young man had crossed the Turkish-Greek border and walked for several hours through Greece. But his band of exhausted refugees was then pointed out by local people to police. ‘They took everything from us – including all our money, our clothes, our phones, our bags, even our shoes. They then started beating us,’ Muhammad said.

The assault became worse when the men tried to protect a pregnant woman. One suffered a broken nose, while others say they were hit repeatedly with rifle butts and batons before being dumped back in Turkey.

Muhammad lifted his shirt to show three ugly weals across his back. A companion with a badly bruised body claimed Greek officials stole his €1,000 of savings and passport – a complaint echoed by many other refugees who crossed the border.

‘The police hit my wife when she asked for her documents back, including her marriage certificate,’ he said, standing in Meric, by the narrow river of the same name that divides Turkey and Greece.

Welcome to Europe’s tensest frontline. At the heart of this crisis is the war in Syria, still dragging on after nine years. When it began, I spent time in the country’s capital, Damascus, with idealistic youngsters. But their hopes of democracy died in the carnage, chaos and utter despair of this century’s most depressing conflict that has caused an estimated 500,000 deaths and seven million displaced people.

Maybe these HEALTHY ADULT MEN should have fought for their country instead of fleeing it, huh???

Just look at the way they live on Lesbos:

Why don’t they go back to Syria?

The war is over!

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