Aw Nah, DMX OD’d and He be Botta Die

DMX had a drug overdose this week, and he’s probably going to die.


DMX remains hospitalized and on life support, Rolling Stone confirmed. Though his attorney, Murray Richman, first told NBC on Saturday evening that DMX was taken off life support and was breathing on his own, Richman later clarified to Rolling Stone that he was “given wrong information.” DMX remains on life support, and TMZ reports that a lack of oxygen has severely impacted his brain. His children have reportedly flown in to see him.

He’s previously been pretty open about his struggles with crack cocaine addiction.

Black people really like crack cocaine for some reason. They don’t just do it because they’re poor and can’t afford normal cocaine.

It’s interesting that white people are so drawn to opioids, while blacks prefer crack.

Although frankly, a lot of rappers are also into lean cough syrup, which is opioid based. We should probably be encouraging blacks to choose lean over crack.

DMX was kind of a silly rapper. It was basically candy type rap for white kids.

It’s a shame about X.

The Rough Ryders Anthem was previously my personal theme song.

Then that theme song was replaced by FM by Steely Dan.

My current theme song is Corey Hart’s Sunglasses at Night.