Average IQs Across the World

Daily Stormer
May 25, 2014

Average IQ in US and 80 other nationsAverage IQ in US and 80 other nations2

IQ is something which we are born with, and which we pass on to our children.  It is genetically hardwired. Given this, the program of importing people with lower IQs than our average into our nations, and thus purposefully driving down the average IQ, and thus the basic functionality of our nations, is absolutely insane on the face of it.

And yet they tell us we are being “enriched.” How can becoming stupider and less capable be classified as a form of “enrichment”?

It would maybe make sense if we were being told to accept East Asians and breed with them, but the program is demanding we accept and breed with the lowest of folks – blacks, Arabs and Latinos.  Asians, we are told, have special “privileges” and must be punished by the state along with Whites.

The entire program of mass-immigration is in this way exposed as completely and utterly nonsensical on the face of it. It can only be explained as a Jew plot to destabilize and ultimately destroy White nations.  But on and on it goes, unquestioned by the guilt-ridden masses of White supplicaters.