Autopsy Reveals That Negro Stabbed White Female Counselor 73 Times

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
February 27, 2020

Brian Conley and Melissa Hamilton

20 stabs for slavery, another 20 stabs for Jim Crow, and the remaining 33 stabs for the Hall of Cost.

Justice. Served.


The autopsy of Crossroads Counseling’s Melissa Hamilton shows she was stabbed 73 times – 40 of which were in the head and neck.

Hamilton was found dead at her place of work, in December of 2019. Police say 31-year-old Brian D. Conley attacked her in the office after her last counseling session of the night. Her husband called police the next morning. That’s when officers found what they described as the “brutal” crime scene.

Conley was arrested the next day and charged with murder.

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