Authorities of Madrid Start Campaign Against “El Manspreading”

Daily Stormer
June 9, 2017

Southern Europe is basically somewhere in the middle between north-western Europe and eastern Europe in terms of cuckoldry. Italy is based, Spain and Greece are sorta based, and nobody knows anything about Portugal because nobody cares about Portugal. It might not even be a real country for all we know.

Huffington Post:

Madrid is the newest city to ask men to stop with the dreaded manspread.

The Spanish capital city will incorporate anti-manspreading signage into its public transportation system. The signs will be similar to those in New York City and Japan.

“The Municipal Transportation Company (EMT) will incorporate the informational signs…specifically for avoiding ‘manspreading’ (an English term that refers to the posture of men who excessively open their legs when they sit occupying the seats alongside theirs),” EMT said in a statement on Tuesday.

“The mission of this new icon is to remember the need to maintain civic behavior and to respect the space of everyone on board the bus.”

This is their glorious icon:

Marx would be proud

The fact that anybody can see crap like this and still argue against WHITE SHARIA! is just proof of what an insane world we live in. At least 90% of women need to be beaten on daily, if not hourly, basis just to be able to pretend they’re not retarded.

The city developed the campaign with its equality council and the feminist group Microcorrelatos Feministas, whose petition to get the government to address the issue of manspreading had more than 11,000 signatures. 

11,000, you say?

That’s a lot of women that haven’t been getting their daily slap dosage.

The final solution to the thot question

“It is not difficult to see women with their legs closed and very uncomfortable because there is a man next to her who is invading her space with his legs,” the petition reads. “Placing some posters can be the starting point to raise awareness and to begin to respect our space.”

What the fuck are you doing out of the kitchen? GET BACK IN THE FUCKING KITCHEN!

Feminism is solely about the destruction of the White race, and nothing else. The fact that so many women have fallen for it is merely proof that none of them should be trusted or given any kind of power, mainly for their own sake.

Guess how many feminists were outraged by this?