Lee Rogers

Jewess Writer for Bizarre Marxist Website Calls Dailyslave.com a Disgusting Hate Site

Daily Slave August 2, 2014 I was recently informed by a reader that a bizarrely insane Marxist-oriented website called Issue Hawk had taken an interest in some of the articles and postings that have been published on Daily Slave.  The Issue Hawk articles criticizing this website appear to have been written by a Jewess named Tamar Auber whose Facebook page features a weird picture of former ...

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Pussy Riot Whores File Lawsuit Against Russia

Daily Slave July 30, 2014 Two members of the bizarre pro-Jewmerica feminist group Pussy Riot are now suing the Russian government for their imprisonment following their profane protest at a Moscow cathedral.  There’s no question that these whores are nothing but a bunch of Western-backed agitators who have been recruited to help supply a healthy dose of anti-Russian propaganda. Their ...

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