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Why I Quit Hollywood

REALITY BLOG | I was the media. I was the bad guy. And yet, until the end, I could not see this job as anything but cool… with my name 2×10 feet in brightly lit movie credits.

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Israel Among Most Corrupt of OECD Countries

Jerusalem Post | According to the numbers, Israeli political and cultural institutions are among the most corrupt of the OECD member countries – but Israelis are more willing than their international peers to take the fight against corruption into their own hands.

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Black Mobs go ‘Bang’ on July 4th

WND | With dozens of episodes of black mob violence in more than 15 cities over the Fourth of July, it is tempting to start with Chicago. Chicago was the site of several cases of black mob violence during the holiday fireworks, which city officials and local media downplayed or ignored.

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