Austrian Bishop Pressured into Backing Out of “Defender of Europe” Conference

Diversity Macht Frei
October 31, 2016

Yesterday a “Defender of Europe” conference was held in Linz, where Hitler spent most of his childhood. Despite a mob of leftists and brownskins protesting (shown in the video) against the fact that this conference was even being held, a number of people were able to speak out against the invasion and islamisation of Europe. But one person who did not speak was the Austrian Bishop Andreas Laun. Apparently he was pressured into withdrawing his previously announced participation.

The Salzburg auxiliary bishop Andreas Laun is cancelling his participation in the “Defender of Europe” conference. “I regret the polarised feelings surrounding the congress and cancel my participation,” Laun explained on Saturday in an interview with “Kathpress”. Auxiliary bishop Laun also said that in doing so he is fulfilling the express request of Salzburg’s Archbishop Franz Lackner. “I respect the Archbishop’s request”, said Laun.

With his speech on the topic of “The Christian roots of Europe” Laun says he wanted to “make a contribution to objectification of the discussion”. “It chastens me very much to see the conflicts that have been generated around this conference. I appeal to all sides for moderation and to maintain freedom of speech, which is indispensable for living together democratically.”

On Saturday morning the event organiser made the surprise announcement that Auxiliary bishop Laun would give a speech on Saturday afternoon at the invitation of the hosts.


Laun has previously been outspoken in his criticism of the Religion of Peace.

“Attacks such as those in Paris [referring to the murder of a priest] would complicate the relationship to Islam. A more combative Christianity was needed, he said, “in the sense that Christians should stop saying nice things about Islam or act as if Islam was a peace-loving religion”. Islam, “from the start had spread through fire and sword.” Laun: “What we need is a Christ-aware Christianity. We should do everything to make Muslims aware of Jesus Christ and the state should protect those who want to convert to Christianity.” “Despite death threats…many Muslims would convert to Christianity.”


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