Austria: Women’s Rights Responsible for Far-Right Loss, Again

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 5, 2016

1Blue is Nazi, green is commie. Men left side, women right side.

Dat Austria vote?

Yes, women’s voting rights were once again responsible for electing an extremist immigrationist.

Notice how I didn’t say “women were responsible.” I have decided that rhetoric is unhelpful. Women, having the minds of small children, cannot be held responsible for decisions. Instead, we have to hold responsible the Jewish system which allows women to make decisions.

So, yes. Blaming women for making the decision to have our countries invaded and conquered by Islamic rape gangs is not a valid line of reasoning. It would be like blaming dogs for chasing at birds.

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They simply cannot resist.

These problems have the same solution: a leash.

What we need to do is create a system where women have no rights.

When I make obvious, reasonable statements like that, cucks/white knights and feminists will say “you hate women” – my response to this is “no, you hate math.”

Look at the chart, people. Women’s voting rights have done this to us.

That is what created this situation, and that is what makes it so we cannot stop it.

And then beta bitches will be like “oh, but some men also voted for the commie, even if it was at a significantly lower rate” – that is because we live in a society dominated by women, where men are psychologically manipulated into taking on women’s values.


Feminism has made women unhinged. These people are on a rampage. They have become a collective bloc, intent on forcing their own agenda onto men. Basically, when you let women have rights and power in society, they will get in your face until you take it away from them. But men are so cucked, they don’t understand what women are doing, and so just keep giving them more and more and more, thinking – wrongly – that they are eventually going to chill.

At the same time, we have used state power and new “revolutionary” social norms to remove men’s private spaces. We have been forced to allow women to shove themselves into every aspect of society. They simply won’t let anything be. They feel a need to come in and regulate.

We saw this with #Gamergate. Women don’t actually like video games. They just felt threatened at the idea of men engaging in an activity that they weren’t involved in, so they sent women in to try to regulate it and make it something they were comfortable with.


Now we see this same pattern with the Alt-Right, women – who have no natural interest in politics beyond the way in which they affect their extremely limited personal sphere – coming in and demanding representation. And what do they bring? A bunch of slit-my-wrists-I-can’t-even-take-it drama.

And yes – obviously, this behavior pattern is very similar to a specific hook-nosed ethnic group we speak of often here on the Daily Stormer.

And no, that doesn’t mean we need to round-up women and gas them, or that women are evil, or that I hate them.

Modern women are completely out of control children who need discipline. That is all.

If you can read this and say “oh, you just hate women,” then you are a pathetic, emotional child and you don’t belong in the Nazi movement in the first place.