Austria: Vienna Academy Teaching Men How to Walk in High Heels

Daily Stormer
November 1, 2015

So it’s a gay thing or… I don’t know?

It is about feminism?

Or is it just a sex fetish?

The Local gives a report on it:

It seems Austria’s Eurovision winner, bearded drag queen Conchita Wurst, has started a trend – with a Vienna academy that teaches women how to walk in high heels now opening its doors to men who were eager to join the workshops.

Organisers at the Top in Heels Academy in the 18th district claim that more men have started experimenting with high heels since cross dressing star Conchita won the Eurovision Song Contest last year.

Originally, they launched classes to help women learn how to walk elegantly in stilettos but have now launched a Men In Heels workshop – which focusses on technique, elegance and injury prevention.

But that doesn’t explain why it is happening, does it?

Whatever the reason this exists, it’s no good.