Austria: Turk Woman Desecrates Memorial to Victims of Islamic Terrorist Attack

Desecrating a memorial to victims of a terrorist attack is in some ways actually worse than the terrorist attack itself.

I think in a spiritual sense, there is an argument to be made that it inflicts more terror on the people than the attack itself.

I guess it’s just that we can picture killing. Everyone understands killing. Most of us, however, cannot picture desecrating the memory of the recently deceased. There is a brutality to it that we, as white people, cannot wrap our heads around. That is more terrifying than death. It’s a hatred so deep, we can’t grasp it.

Every time there is a terrorist attack, someone goes and does this to the memorial.

Once again, the Russians are the only ones reporting this in English.


People in Austria have been left shocked and outraged after an unidentified vandal destroyed a memorial in honor of the victims of November’s deadly Islamist attack in Vienna. The incident was captured on camera.

Videos first published by local media show a masked person in a blue hat stepping on memorial candles and repeatedly kicking them around while holding something resembling a grocery bag.

Police spokesperson Markus Dittrich said they were studying the security camera footage.

The impromptu memorial with flowers and candles spang up outside the city’s main synagogue, at the place where an Islamist gunman began his deadly rampage last month.

People were shocked to find the candles scattered across the cobbled street on Sunday. “Who would do something like this? As a society, we must stand together,” Beate Meinl-Reisinger, the chairwoman of the NEOS – The New Austria and Liberal Forum party, wrote on Twitter before the video was leaked.

Many were even more outraged after seeing the vandal in action. According to the newspaper Heute, Dietmar Schwingenschrot, a local politician from the right-wing Freedom Party of Austria (FPO), has offered 1,000 euros ($1,212) to anyone “catching” the perpetrator.

The vandal, meanwhile, was called a “pig” and an “a***ole” online, with people saying the attack against the memorial was “stupid” and “disrespectful.” Some suggested the vandal may have been mentally ill. Some people online claimed the vandal was a woman.

Mental illness!

Yah, yah! That’s the ticket!

He did it because he’s got a disease up there in his noggin! He couldn’t help himself!

That’s it, for sure!

It’s a damn good thing we decided to cater the internet to women – if we hadn’t, then no one ever would have been able to figure out why someone would desecrate a memorial to victims of an Islamic terrorist attack!


The Austrian police have caught the person who did this – a Turkish woman.

They are saying she’s mentally ill.

What else are they going to say though?

“These people hate us beyond anything you could ever imagine?”