Austria: Turk Nationalists and Kurd Marxists Fight in the Streets, Prime Minister Blames Erdogan

Race war!

This is truly a fun time for the whole family.


Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz has accused Turkey of sowing strife in Europe after members of the far-right Turkish Grey Wolves clashed with Kurdish leftists and their Antifa allies in Vienna.

Chancellor Kurz summoned the Turkish ambassador to Austria on Monday and told the press “that there must be an end to Turkey trying to influence the people here in Austria and instrumentalising them for their conflicts”.

“I don’t expect a lot of support from Turkey,” he said, Austrian tabloid Kronen Zeitung reports.

“Because I know exactly what Turkey is trying to do here: namely to use Turks in Europe to sow strife and to create moods here and there above all for Turkey’s own interests,” Chancellor Kurz added.

“These conflicts are imported from Turkey,” Kurz said and went on to note: “If you need street fights, you should do it in Turkey, but there is no place for it in Austria.”

This is the standard line of liberals and cuckservatives alike – that this diversity project would all be working fine, and we’d all be getting along and consuming in multicultural bliss if only there weren’t some few, shadowy figures making us hate each other for no reason.

Truly, it is quite the mystery…

The comments come just days after members of the far-right Turkish Grey Wolves, an ultra-nationalist group, clashed with Kurdish supporters of the terrorist Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), and the Kurds’ Antifa allies in the heavily migrant-populated Favoriten district of Vienna.

The conflict began last Wednesday when members of the Grey Wolves interrupted a Kurdish women’s association meeting. Clashes between the far-right and far-left extremist groups continued for several days after. Eleven people have so far been arrested in connection with the violence and seven police officers injured.

The PKK, along with its symbols and flags, were banned in Austria in February of last year. While some symbols of the Grey Wolves are now forbidden, as well, the far-right group is not proscribed outright.

Over the weekend, Chancellor Kurz announced a “zero-tolerance” policy saying: “We will not allow conflicts to be carried from Turkey to Austria and to be carried out violently on our streets.”

Clashes between Grey Wolves and PKK supporters have been seen in Germany in the past, as well. In 2016, the two groups clashed in the city of Duisburg and both Turks and Kurds briefly fought one another in central Vienna in August of that year.

Sorry to disappoint you, but when you bring foreigners into your country, you’re also bringing in their fights.

People don’t just magically become Austrian after setting foot in Austria, or even being born there.

The Turks will always be Turks, and the Kurds will always be Kurds, and Sebastian Kurz will always be a cuck.

While we’re on the subject, you guys wanna hear something funny?

This is from the Grey Wolves’ Wikipedia page:

The more times you read that last sentence, the funnier it gets.

The Grey Wolves are a terrorist organization in the most literal sense of the word – they do bombings, assassinations, kidnappings, riots, brawls, paramilitary training camps, and one of their members even tried to assassinate the Pope.

This group is not only not banned in any country in Europe, but you never hear of any “crackdowns” on them by any government.

Turks are just over 3% of Germany’s population, and they have the largest “right-wing extremist” group, which is also an outright terrorist organization and proud of it, and you’re more likely to get arrested if you have a problem with that than they are for blowing up buildings and killing people.

Are you happy with your country, Krauts?