Austria: Tunisian Butchers Elderly Couple Who Gave His Family Money Because They Were Secret Nazis

Daily Stormer
July 5, 2017

Pure evil

The thing these krauts don’t seem to understand is that bringing racial aliens into your country and giving them free everything just isn’t enough. Too many Jews were turned into detergent and furniture at Auschwitz for it to ever be enough. You have to find new ways every day to prove that you’re not a Nazi. These older krauts obviously didn’t get it, and so they got what they deserved.


“Revenge and political motives” drove a 54-year-old Tunisian immigrant to plot and execute the murder of an elderly Austrian couple over their alleged sympathy towards a far-right party, local police said.

The chilling double homicide took place in the Austrian town of Linz, and involved a 54-year-old man of Tunisian origin who had lived in the country since 1989, according to police.

In 2011, the man – who has not been named – was falsely sentenced for animal abuse following a complaint by a local activist of Austria’s far-right Freedom Party (FPO), an incident which reportedly led to him being stigmatized by the local community.

AHA! See? It was a normal, sane reaction to being oppressed! Oppression is the root cause of every bad thing a brown does, even when it isn’t obvious.

The murder victims, identified as Hildegard Sch., 85, and her husband Siegfried, 87, lived in the same town and regularly ordered food from a grocery store run by the man’s wife.

Calling these Nazis “victims” is an insult to their real victims – the fifty-seven billion Jews gassed into lampshades at Dachau.

The victims had a “friendly relationship” with the suspect and even supported his family financially, according to Kurier newspaper.

Yeah, that’s how these White people operate. They give you their country, their money, their food, their medicine, their technology, their daughter’s hymen… But it’s all part of a grand plot to get you to lower your guard.

Then, when you least expect it, this happens:

The New Holocaust

The couple’s son, however, was an active member of the FPO, which created false prejudice about the elderly couple’s political affiliations, said Andreas Pilsl, police chief for Upper Austria.

“There were classical motives such as revenge and retaliation, coupled by political motives,” Pilsl said, adding that the man felt discriminated against by Austria’s employment agency, politicians and especially the FPO party.


On the day of a scheduled delivery to the Linz family, the suspect allegedly hid a belt, a wooden club, a knife and a canister of gasoline under his apron, broadcaster ORF reported.

Investigators allege that he first strangled the 85-year-old woman, before attacking her husband with the knife and the club, killing him in the assault.

The suspect then reportedly set their kitchen on fire, with the victims’ bodies later being discovered by firefighters who were responding to an emergency alert.

Justice for Trayvon was partially served!