Austria: The Real Problem with Migrant Gang-Rape is That It Could Lead to a Right-Wing Government

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 17, 2016


Fear of a White country.

The reason we need to address migrants gang-raping everyone is that it could lead to a reemergence of Nazism.

The Telegraph:

Nine Iraqi refugees have been arrested in Austria on suspicion of gang-raping a 28-year-old German woman in a case that could ignite debate of immigration and crime ahead of this Autumn’s presidential election re-run.

The arrest of the nine Iraqis, all either asylum seekers or recently granted asylum, comes as Austria’s anti-immigrant Freedom Party seeks to over-turn the result of June’s presidential election after mounting a successful legal challenge to pave the way for a re-run on October 2.

The arrests were made over the weekend, police confirmed, after DNA evidence and CCTV camera footage was used to build a case against the nine asylum seekers.

The woman filed the complaint on January 1 but it took nearly eight months of what Austrian police called a “protracted and difficult” investigation before the arrest were made.

The alleged attack took place on New Year’s Eve at an apartment in Vienna where the woman, who was visiting from the German state of Lower Saxony, was visiting to celebrate the New Year with a friend.

The suspects range in age from 21 to 47, said Vienna police spokesman Paul Eidenberger. “There is no doubt about the gang rape according to the biological traces,” the police spokesman told Der Spiegel.

If there was no doubt based on biological traces than why did it take 8 months to make an arrest?

Almost as if you were holding it before the last election in

“The investigations were difficult and protracted. On the trail of the suspects, investigators came by DNA material, interviews with witnesses and images from surveillance cameras.”

Did the DNA test take 8 months to come back from the lab?

The police force needs to be investigated over this. Obviously. Leaving known gang-rapists on the street for 8 months when you’ve got them on video and have their semen samples is outrageous.

They are alleged to have taken the woman from Vienna’s central Schwedenplatz and then assaulted her in an apartment where two of the suspects lived, between the hours of 2am and 6am.

The men – five of whom were arrested in Vienna, three in Styria and one in Lower Austria – have all denied the accusations and police added they were unable to say how many of the men had participated in the alleged attack, and how many were possible accessories in the case.

The woman, who had been drinking and suspects she was drugged, had no recollection of being taken to the apartment, the police added.

“The presumed perpetrators are likely to have taken advantage of the female victim’s high level of inebriation,” they said in a statement.

My pity meter just dropped a few notches, but the point remains.

Dumb sluts used to be able to go out and get sloshed and at worst wake up with a guy they wouldn’t otherwise have went to bed with. Being gang-raped by 9 guys was not one of the previously possible outcomes of getting too drunk in Vienna.

Although, logic does dictate that if this woman hadn’t been gang-raped by 9 Arabs, she would have been gang-raped by 9 British men. This is called the Nirvana Fallacy, which you can look up on Wikipedia.

On news websites in Austria some readers demanded the men be “immediately deported” if they are convicted of the rape.

The news of the attack comes as Austria prepares for a re-run of its presidential election which last June saw the far-Right Freedom Party losing out to a Green Party candidate by less than one per cent of the vote.

Although Austria did not experience scenes like those in the German city of Cologne on New Year’s Eve, when hundreds of women told police they had been groped, attacked and robbed by mobs of men, immigration and crime has become a super-sensitive political issue.

Because the only reason people would be against mass Islamic immigration is because of mass gang-sex attacks.