Austria: Teacher Charged for Saying Mohammed was a Child-Molester

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 17, 2016


Yes, Mohammed did have sex with a 9-year-old, but that was his culture. And everything is relative to one’s culture, including child-sex.

Also, it doesn’t really matter if a statement is true or not, but rather what matters is: how does the statement affect the emotions of brown people?

Beyond this, insulting the Prophet is a blasphemous crime, whatever the case.


A teacher in Austria will be charged for telling students Mohammed, the founder of Islam, was a child molester.

A middle school teacher in the Austrian city of Bregenz is facing criminal prosecution for her comments regarding the founder of Islam. Vorarlberg Provincial Councillor Dr. Bernadette Mennel confirmed that the teacher was facing a criminal complaint when she said, “yes, there is an allegation against the teacher,” VOL reports.

It is alleged that the Bregenz teacher had described Mohammed, the prophet and founder of Islam, as a child molester in front of her students. Upon hearing the news the school forwarded the complaint to the Vorarlberg prosecutors office.

Currently the prosecution office has given no information about their investigation into the veracity of the claims against the teacher but if they find any truth to them there will likely be harsh consequences for the teacher.

Frau Mennel said, “such statements are unacceptable,” but said she would hold off judgement until the state prosecutor was able fully to investigate the case and determine the legitimacy of the claim.

Remarks about Mohammed being a child molester refer to a marriage that occurred later in his life. Mohammed was married to a girl named Aisha who was only six years old at the time of their marriage, and only nine years old when they first had sexual relations. In today’s society anyone caught having sex with a nine year old girl would be arrested and called a paedophile.

Soon, we will institute the death penalty for all insults to the Prophet.

That’s the only way we’re going to get this multicutluralism thing to work: by adopting Islamic law.