Austria: Syrian Child Refugees Steal Car, Use It to Drive to Police Station for Asylum Applications

Daily Stormer
August 31, 2017

These child refugees are victims of White supremacy

Not only is the average Arab a filthy, violent subhuman with a religion that is an explicit license to kill, rape, rob and conquer everyone who doesn’t follow it – but he’s also clinically retarded. And that, you stupid goyim, is a winning combo for your pensions.


A pair of Syrian asylum seekers were arrested during their asylum application in Austria after the man whose car they had stolen turned up to the same police station at the same time as them to report the crime.

The Syrians are said to have stolen the parked car in the western Austrian town of Bregenz on Saturday afternoon. The crime occurred at around 1:30 pm according to police, who identified the two men later from video footage taken near the scene, Kronen Zeitungreports.

After stealing the car the pair drove to the local police station where they told authorities they wished to apply for asylum. At the same time, the owner of the stolen car arrived at the police station to report the theft and was placed in the room next to the two asylum seekers.

If I had gone to college in America, I probably would be able to identify how White privilege magically combined itself with colonialism and colorism in order to get these two oppressed child refugees mercilessly thrown down the racist crime-to-prison pipeline.

Alas, I’m only a bumpkin who can’t understand these (((complicated issues))), so I’ll just say that it’s racist.

Police were able to examine footage taken by a witness of the crime and positively identify that the asylum seekers were the ones who stole the vehicle and promptly transferred them to Feldkirch Prison at the request of the local prosecutor.

Migrant crime has become a significant problem in Austria, as chronicled at length by Breitbart London. The most pressing issue for the Austrian authorities has been the high number of migrant sex attacks over the last few years which have occurred at swimming pools, train stations, public parks and apartments.

Ford’s sake, I can’t believe that in CURRENT YEAR people can not only talk about brown people committing crimes, but actually ARREST THEM for it, as if them getting their reparations through little White girls vaginas is somehow “wrong” or “illegal.”

Has Europe learned nothing from the holocaust? Have the 15 million Jews baked into cupcakes and bread in the Auschwitz ovens been already forgotten?


“And this one was my uncle Schmool. He spinned the greatest dreidels of his time.”

The most infamous migrant sex crime occurred in the Austrian capital of Vienna when an Iraqi man brutally raped a ten-year-old boy claiming that he was undergoing a “sexual emergency.”


Austria has also seen two high profile murders committed by migrants in Vienna. In one case a Gambian migrant who was being protected from deportation by an American au-pair strangled his would-be saviour to death last year in February.

HA! Another privileged White woman playing White savior to the people she was oppressing through her very existence. She sounds almost as bad as Tom Cruise.

Later that year in May a cleaning lady was the victim of a brutal attack on a street in the capital’s Ottakring district in which a migrant from Kenya bludgeoned her to death as she was on her way to work in the early hours of the morning.

OMG, I can’t shake my head hard enough at this hypocrisy. Kenya spent thousands of years as an Austrian colony, and now they complain about this brave freedom fighter attacking a PRIVILEGED cleaning lady… So disgusting.

White supremacy really clouds your judgement, and it shouldn’t exist in CURRENT YEAR!!!