Austria Swears in Its First Vaginal-Majority Cabinet

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 8, 2020

Men and women are exactly the same, but it is important that men be replaced by women in all positions of authority, because men are evil because they have penises and penises are naturally violent organs and violence leads to total destruction.

A vagina is the most peaceful and human rights-oriented of all the human organs, which is why we need total vaginal control of the state.


Austria swore in its new conservative-Green coalition Cabinet on Tuesday. For the first time, women ministers will outnumber  men.

Nine of the 17 members of the new Cabinet are women, although both the roles of chancellor and vice chancellor are held by men.

President Alexander van der Bellen, a former Greens spokesman, swore in the Cabinet exactly 100 days after the election, which failed to give any party a clear majority and led to three months of tense negotiations.

The vaginal takeover of the Western World is happening as quiet as a queef, but it is real, and soon every white government will be entirely vaginal in nature.

We are not even close to peak vagina.

Peak vagina will only be reached when we go full vagina, and there is not a penis left in power.