Austria Still has No Clue What to Do with Hitler’s Birthplace

Eli Stenson
Daily Stormer
December 30, 2014

15 Salzburger Vorstadt, where Adolf Hitler was born in 1889
15 Salzburger Vorstadt, where Adolf Hitler was born in 1889

First, it was reported that Hitler’s birthplace in Braunau am Inn would potentially become an immigrant center. Then it was reported that it would potentially become a Holocau$t hoax museum.

Neither of these developments have materialized. But Austria still wants to do something with the birthplace, even though they are uncertain as to what they’ll do.

Currently it is owned by Gerlinde Pommer but rented by the Austrian interior ministry to prevent National Socialists and Fascists from “misusing it.” However, Pommer will not agree to renovations, which further complicates the problem at hand.

In an attempt to speed up the process, the interior ministry has recently appealed to all Austrian government ministries to help decide the birthplace’s future.


Braunau’s deputy mayor, Guenter Pointner of the Social Democrats, says the ministry is now considering terminating the rental contract with Mrs Pommer. She was not available for comment.

Some, including Braunau’s second deputy mayor Christian Schilcher of the far-right Freedom Party, think it is time to move on.

“The people are fed up,” he said. “This theme is a problem for the image of Braunau. We want to be a beautiful little town, with tourism and visitors. We are not the children of Hitler.”

But others, including Florian Kotanko, say ignoring history makes things worse.

“You have the connection with Braunau and Hitler even without the house,” he said. “Everyone can read that Hitler was born here.”

I wouldn’t be surprised if it became an immigrant center, a Holocau$t hoax museum, a strip club, a brothel, or even a large pile of rubble. It certainly doesn’t seem like it’ll remain in its unused state, inasmuch as Austria continues to agonize over it.

As long as the birthplace is not blown up, I honestly don’t care what they change it into.


Think in a long-term mindset here: When we’re victorious, we’ll be refurbishing it into a memorial in remembrance of the 20th century’s greatest man anyway. It’s always possible to refurbish it while it stands. But it’s not possible if it’s destroyed.