Austria: Six Moslems Kill Three People?

There appear to have been six shooters.

And three people died?


The Guardian:

Four people have died in an attack in Vienna on Monday night, including two male civilians and one female. One attacker was also killed.

Austria’s interior minister, Karl Nehammer, described the attacker as an “Islamist terrorist”.

Fifteen people – including at least one police officer – were seriously injured in exchanges of gunfire, which broke out at 8pm. Seven victims were reported to be in critical condition.

Police said they were not certain how many attackers were involved.

Austrian state broadcaster ORF reported on Tuesday morning that several people have been arrested.

Police are examining more than 20,000 pieces of video footage uploaded to them by members of the public to determine how many gunmen were involved and the exact course of events.

Earlier, authorities had said at least one gunman remained on the run at 1am Vienna time. Nehammer had warned that the assailants were “heavily armed and dangerous” and urged the public to stay indoors until the all-clear was given. Nehammer told broadcaster ORF: “We have brought several special forces units together that are now searching for the presumed terrorists. I am therefore not limiting it to an area of Vienna because these are mobile perpetrators.”

The attacks began with volleys of gunfire and the injury and death tolls were expected to rise.

The dead attacker was shot by police outside St Rupert’s Church, carrying an assault rifle, handguns and ammunition. His body was also found with an explosives vest. Later, police said on Twitter that the explosives vest was fake.

The assaults occurred at six locations close to Seitenstettengasse in the heart of the Austrian capital.

The Austrian chancellor, Sebastian Kurz, described the assaults as “definitely” a terror attack that had been “very professionally” planned. Kurz has called the military on to the streets of Vienna. “We are currently going through difficult times in our republic. I would like to thank all the emergency services who risk their lives, especially today for our safety. Our police will take decisive action against the perpetrators of this hideous terrorist attack,” Kurz said.

How is this level of incompetence even possible?

They had guns. Why didn’t they just open fire on a crowd, like the Las Vegas shooter?

Anyway, it’s not like I want people to die, it’s just that it actually is truly mind-boggling to imagine a coordinated attack involving six men only killing three people.

You can see my article from yesterday for more information on this subject. I included some video and commentary – not much has actually changed, other than that they provided this pathetic death toll.

Allah thinks you’re a failure.