Austria: Shooting in Tourist Zone, One Dead

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 21, 2018

Tourist zone, eh?

I’m calling it.

Australians for sure.

Who else would do it?


One person has been killed and one injured in a shootout at a popular tourist restaurant in the Austrian capital’s historic center. It’s yet unclear who is behind the incident and what their motives are.

The incident took place in the traditional Austrian Figlmueller restaurant located just a few hundred meters away from Vienna’s iconic St. Stephen’s Cathedral. Two people with gunshot wounds were found near the restaurant, the local police department said, adding that the details of the incident are still unclear.

Rescue services said that at least one person was killed in the shooting, dying of a serious head injury. Another injured person is also in critical condition, suffering from a head injury as well.

lol @ getting shot in the head being a “head injury.”

It’s for sure true.

Getting shot in the head with a bullet is one of the very most worst head injuries a person can suffer.

A yet unidentified man opened fire on two people, police said in a follow-up statement, adding that one shooting victim died on the spot while another one suffered serious injuries. “That must be a targeted crime.”

Some witnesses said that several gunmen went on a shooting spree in front of the restaurant around 13:30 (local time), (12:30 GMT).

Police are not treating the incident as a terrorist attack as of yet, the police spokesman, Daniel Fuerst told the Austrian Krone daily.

Australian tourists ARE the ARCHETYPAL terrorist force.

There shouldn’t even be any question.

Every single Australian tourist is a mass-shooting event just waiting to happen.

That was the primary reason for gun control in Europe: Australian tourists.

What’s more, this Australian probably didn’t even mean to be in Austria – he was probably so drunk buying his plane ticket, he thought he was going home to Australia (the words are similar), then he ended up in Vienna and was like “awwrite ya cunts” then started shooting.