Austria: Secret Police Prowling the Streets to Do Random Vax Pass Checks

This is all getting weirder and more extreme by the hour.

If you are still in some kind of delusion where you believe that any form of what you considered “normal” in 2019 is ever coming back, then it is time for some very serious self-reflection.

In Austria, there remains a “lockdown for the unvaccinated,” where anyone who has refused the vaccine is not allowed to leave their home. That is a policy that is in the process of expanding across Europe.


Undercover Police are being deployed in Austria to assist in the intensification of COVID restrictions in the country.

Austrian police are to considerably ramp up checks regarding COVID restrictions. The crackdown will even go as far as deploying plainclothes police to the streets to catch out those who might attempt to go about their daily business while avoiding officers, top Austrian newspaper Kronen Zeitung reports.

While authorities in the country have already reportedly done 1.6 million checks since the start of the nation’s “Corona Apartheid‘ lockdown of unvaccinated individuals, Austria’s Interior Minister Gerhard Karner has said they will be ramped up even further.

The controls will… continue to be intensified, above all out of fairness towards those who support the necessary restrictions in solidarity,” the interior minister said, it was reported Monday.

“It’s about taking action against those who do not adhere to the rules. And taking action with fairness towards those who support the measures,” Die Presse reports Karner as also saying.

Kronen Zeitung cites the ramping up of checks to a reduction in other types of crime in Austria, partly as a result of COVID measures such as the 10pm curfew on venues such as restaurants and bars.

So, this is basically “stop and frisk” for a vax pass.

Again: if you think any government implements this kind of tyranny, and then says “okay, we’re going to go ahead and give up all of this power that you voluntarily surrendered to us of your own volition,” then you have completely lost the plot.

Ask yourself: after 9/11, did airports ever go back to normal?

Was the TSA disbanded?

Was the Patriot Act canceled?

Come on, now.

For all of you retards claiming that these hardcore measures won’t come to America – here’s something for you:

That’s the Mayor of Washington, DC saying that you can’t leave your house without your vaccine passport.

We are already living in a nightmare dystopia, and you need to figure out how you are going to deal with it.