Austria Plans to Jail Unvaccinated People, Leak Reveals

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There are more than 3 million people in Austria with pure blood.

There are a lot more of us than there are government officials and cops.

No one has to go along with this lunacy if they do not want to.


People repeatedly snubbing Covid-19 vaccination summons in Austria after immunization becomes compulsory there might face fines of up to $8,100 or several weeks behind bars, according to a draft that was leaked to the media.

Those resisting vaccination in Austria might soon face stiff punishments, according to a leaked draft of the so-called Covid-19 Vaccination Protection Act seen by the Austrian Die Presse daily. If passed, the legislation, which is set to take effect in February, would apply both to the Alpine nation’s citizens and its permanent residents.

Under the bill, anyone who refused to attend a scheduled vaccination appointment would receive an official summons from local authorities. If an individual failed to show up, they would then be summoned one more time within the next four weeks.

Should the second official request be ignored as well, the person would face a fine of €3,600 ($4,061) or four weeks in prison. The fine would increase to €7,200 ($8,000) for those who had already been fined twice for violating the vaccination requirement.

The willingness of the masses of people to conform is simply outrageous.

Have you seen that they’re putting VR sets on children’s heads while they inject them?

This is real.