Austria: Man Gets 18 Months in Prison for Hitler Salute

Daily Stormer
August 23, 2017

There is no justice in Europe

All (((governments))) in Europe screech endlessly about freedom of speech being assaulted by fascists like me.

But who is censoring the speech? I have never seen or heard of a fascist doing it.

The Local:

 An Austrian football fan has been given an 18-month prison sentence for a Hitler salute during a match, falling foul of the country’s tough laws against Nazi glorification.

The unemployed 39-year-old from top-flight Rapid Vienna’s “ultra” wing was spotted performing the banned gesture during a match in August 2016 and sentenced in Vienna on Monday.

The “Hitler salute” (it’s actually the Roman salute, not that these idiots would know or care) is on the long list of normal things that get you arrested for in Europe if you’re White.

Along with complaining about your daughter getting sex trafficked by Saracen.

I didn’t really give it much thought. But it clearly wasn’t a good idea,” the skinhead told the court, saying he had had “a few beers and spritzers” before the game.

This isn’t something to think about too much. It’s a natural, instinctive gesture when you’re doing something that feels good, like cheering on your favorite team or gassing kikes.

Similar convictions are relatively common but usually the sentences are suspended. In this case, however, than man had a previous conviction for wishing Hitler happy birthday on Facebook in 2013.

He had a “previous conviction” for wishing Hitler happy birthday on Facebook… This is actually happening, and it’s being done by people who call those like me “undemocratic.”

For the Americans reading this – don’t be too smug. It’s coming there, and coming soon. They’ve already convinced a huge number of you that whatever the kikes call “hate speech” is not “free speech,” and it will be law soon, trust me.

Unless you do something about it, of course.

Do you wanna end up like this?