Austria Kneels to New World Order with “Three Week” Forever Lockdown

Christmas is canceled, Austria. But remember: if you suggest this has anything to do with Jews hating German Christians, you have to go to prison for 7 years.

They’re only making your decisions for you because they love you and are really concerned about your safety.


Austria on Saturday ordered a three-week lockdown in a last-ditch effort to bring surging coronavirus cases under control and relieve the stress on the health service in time for retailers to reopen in the run-up to Christmas.

The country had so far used a lighter touch in dealing with the second wave of cases than it did with the first outbreak, which it brought under control with a lockdown in the spring.

A nighttime curfew is in place from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m. this month but shops are open; cafes, bars and restaurants are limited to take-away service; theatres and museums are closed.

The conservative-led government had called a lockdown a last resort, but it was left with no alternative to prevent hospitals from being overwhelmed. The new lockdown is due to start on Tuesday and end on Monday, Dec. 7.

“The next close to three weeks, two-and-a-half weeks, will be a very difficult time for us,” Chancellor Sebastian Kurz told a news conference.

The current nighttime curfew will become an all-day requirement to stay at home, with only some exceptions such as for shopping or exercise. Working from home should happen wherever possible, Kurz said, confirming details earlier reported by Reuters.

Non-essential shops will close, as will service providers such as hairdressers. Secondary schools have already switched to distance learning; primary schools and kindergartens will now follow suit but still provide childcare for those who need it.

Again, with Austria, we can’t help but make comparisons to the myth of Adolf Hitler.

They say that Hitler rolled into Austria and took everyone’s freedoms away.

But even according to their own myths, he didn’t lock anyone inside of their houses.

Even in territory that was occupied by the Nazis in the middle of the war, people were allowed to socialize with their neighbors, go to the store, and so on.

You can also of course compare it to the modern myth of Chinese tyranny.

Tyranny in Wuhan, China, fall of 2020. These people are oppressed and you should be grateful for all of the freedoms you have, which include masturbating to gay pornography alone in your house. Next time you’re locked in your house by the government and experiencing the democracy-oriented joys of pornography, remind yourself that in China, pornography is illegal and they actually have to go outside and meet sluts at real life maskless social gatherings (and the sluts aren’t even empowered!).

These people who promote this lockdown say that democracy is freedom, and yet they are engaged in the single most extreme removal of freedom in all of human history.

Their explanation is that it isn’t taking away freedom because they have an explanation. Well, every single government ever has always had an explanation for the things they do to people. Every explanation for any form of tyranny was always more grounded in reality than “because of the coronavirus.”

Compare: remember when they began the mass censorship program? It began with Andrew Anglin. They said that he was uniquely evil, because he made jokes about a dead fat woman that were just too mean. Then, three years later, they were censoring the New York Post for reporting on Hunter Biden’s laptop.

That is the trajectory these coronavirus measures are on. In three years, they will be stripping you of freedoms because you refused to do anal on a tranny that trapped you with its internet profile.