Austria: Jews Claim Anti-Lockdown Whites are Involved in Anti-Semitic Hate

By associating lockdown protests with anti-Semitism, Jews are suggesting that anyone who wants freedom is a crypto Nazi. Maybe they’re right?

There is nowhere that the perfidy of the Jewish people is more clear than in the “anti-Semitic crimes” racket. In fact, the anti-Semitic hate crimes scam is the framework for other hate crime scams.

What they do is put together completely fake datasets. They know no one will investigate the data, because anyone who would dare even suggest that the Jews might be lying about white people is clearly a Nazi.

The “hate crimes” data mixes violent attacks on Jews, recorded by the police, with self-reported incidents of Jews claiming someone said something mean to them on the internet. Violent attacks on Jews do happen, but they are overwhelmingly done by Arabs in Europe and by blacks in America*.

(*The only exception to that rule that I am aware of in my lifetime is the Robert Bowers shooting of the Pittsburgh synagogue. Bowers emerged from the cesspit of Gab, which is completely flooded with feds urging people to commit violence. None of the people who were documented as having been in the chat room with Bowers, urging him to shoot random old people at a synagogue, were ever seriously investigated. So they were either FBI agents, or they are morons functioning as de facto FBI agents that the FBI wants to continue doing what they are doing.)

The most egregious example of hate crimes hoaxing ever was when the Anti-Defamation League went completely insane all over the media in early 2017, trumping up a series of hundreds of fake bomb threats called in to American synagogues. I said repeatedly that the only person that would make these threats would be a Jew, and then Donald Trump said it, and the Jews accused Donald Trump of promoting Daily Stormer conspiracy theories.

Here is a statement from the ADL:

Here is Jewish Senator Chuck Schumer’s statement:

Here is one of many (mostly now-deleted) Jewish tweets that shows screenshots from the Daily Stormer:

It turned out that the fake bomb threats were coming from Israel.

After the FBI went to Israel to investigate on Donald Trump’s orders, the Israeli authorities blamed an autistic boy, who was allegedly also retarded. He was not punished.

The FBI of course did not investigate if the ADL was involved in this. I have maintained that the ADL would know that someone making these calls would have to be Jewish, and the only way they would feel comfortable promoting it is if they felt that the prankster was not going to get caught. That would imply they were involved. I want to make it clear: I don’t have evidence of that, beyond the obvious motivation, because it was never investigated. But logically, I don’t see how the ADL couldn’t have been complicit in the prank call hoax.

Not only did the ADL not apologize for promoting this large scale hate hoax, they kept every call that this one Jew had made in their “hate crimes” database, and then used that database to claim that anti-Semitic hate crimes had risen sharply in 2017.

If you would have removed the prank calls made from Israel, the total number of incidents in the ADL’s own records would have been lower in 2017 than in 2016. The Jews were not called out on using this fake data, just as they were not called out on the hoax itself. Obviously, if they are allowed to get away with something like this, you cannot possibly trust any information they put out.

The Jews weaponize this data not only for their own racial purposes, but also for more general political goals. The Israel prank calling hoax was used to attack Donald Trump specifically. The fake data is also always used to promote mass censorship.

No media outlets, including right-wing outlets such as Breitbart, will ever question the data presented by these groups. The single force that is allowed to push back against claims of these groups are other Jewish groups. For example, the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) will point out that the violence is primarily coming from Moslems – they will then use that to push for bans on pro-Palestinian BDS groups. But this false pushback simply means that the Jews are able to have their cake and eat it too; the ZOA claiming that Moslems are the real threat does not lessen the ability of the ADL to use the data for censoring whites. It just means that both whites and Moslems are censored and suppressed. (Let me just tell you straight: it’s a kosher double whammy. They’re killing two goyim birds with the same hoax stone.)

In Austria right now, the Jews are attempting to associate their fake anti-Semitic hate incident data with anti-lockdown protesters.

Deutsche Welle:

The number of anti-Semitic incidents in Austria surged last year to a record high since the Jewish community’s official records began 19 years ago, a study showed on Monday.

Reported incidents ranged from online abuse to physical attacks. The number rose by 6.4% in 2020 to 585 nationwide, according to an annual report by the Anti-Semitism Reporting Office, which officially represents Austria’s Jews, the Jewish Community of Vienna (IKG).

Lockdown protests and anti-Semitism

November and December saw the most number of anti-Semitic incidents, the report said, detailing that:

-Protests against the government’s coronavirus measures led to a strong increase in anti-Semitic incidents.
-Anti-Semitic lies were spread especially on the internet and at the demonstrations.
-Incidents mainly involved Holocaust relativization and disseminating conspiracy theories.

“Holocaust relativization” is a fairly new piece of newspeak, but you can all likely guess what it is: it’s comparing things that current governments are doing to things the Nazis did.

The Jewish claim is that the Nazis were uniquely evil in all of history, so nothing can ever be compared to the Nazis. The claim is effectively that because Jews are “God’s chosen people,” government policy which specifically harms Jews is in a separate category from government policy that harms any other specific demographic group, or which harms society at large.

This Austrian version of the ADL is claiming that the “rise in anti-Semitic incidents” involves people on the internet saying that the lockdowns are like something the Nazis would do. The way this data is recorded: if a Jew calls into the Anti-Semitism Reporting Office and says “I’ve just seen a comment on the internet saying that the lockdown is like something Hitler would do,” it is logged as an “anti-Semitic incident” in this organization’s database.

Do you see how unserious this is?

To make it even more ridiculous, there is no standard for what counts as an “anti-Semitic internet incident.” In the most extreme case, if 200 Jews saw the same Ben Garrison cartoon and all called this in, that would be logged as 200 “anti-Semitic hate incidents.”

Obviously, it is primarily right-wingers who are against lockdowns. However, right-wingers have also accepted the idea that Hitlerian Nazism was the most evil thing ever in all of history. So right-wingers are likely to post on the internet saying that the coronavirus lockdown is “like Nazism.”

Therefore, this organization is able to claim that a large number of these “incidents” were right-wing political incidents. This is all primarily about running the headline that there is an “increase in right-wing anti-Semitism associated with the anti-lockdown protesters.”

All of this is to say: Jews are saying that anti-lockdown protesters are like the Nazis for saying that the lockdowns are like Nazism.

The organization and the media admit all of this in relatively straightforward terms, even going so far as to admit that the “rise in incidents” was due to a rise in reporting, prompted by a campaign calling on Jews to report alleged mean comments on the internet.

What is behind anti-Semitic attacks?

Around 40% of the incidents had a right-wing political motivation (229), while 15% were tied to the left. The second largest category was “not possible to assign” with 195 incidents.

Abusive behaviour, including online abuse, made up 62% of incidents with 135 anti-Semitic publications in offline and online media.

The report also counted 22 threats against Jews, and 364 insults. An Islamist extremist motive was found in 13% of cases.

Physical attacks on Jews accounted 2% of the total, or 11 incidents, up from six from the year before.

The study noted that the IKG launched a public awareness campaign in November which might have increased the number of incidents reported.

You do not have to go comb through the initial data to see how ridiculous this all is – it’s all right here in this short news article.

The Jews know that no one will question their assertions, and therefore it is much easier to simply be straightforward about a completely absurd method of databasing than it is to create fake data. This is effectively a “believe me; I’m lying” situation.

By associating lockdown protests with anti-Semitism, Jews are suggesting that anyone who wants freedom is a crypto Nazi.

The inverse of all of this, however, is that the lockdown is a Jewish agenda.

Globalism is a Jewish Agenda

I have no idea to what extent the Jews have played a role in the lockdown agenda in Austria, but it isn’t particularly relevant, given that this is a globalist agenda, driven by a centrally organized body of European-Style Socialists.

It is easy enough to go through and find all kinds of Jews involved in the coronavirus agenda, from local health ministers to the CEO of Pfizer to Mark Zuckerberg and the entire media establishment. But the Jews can then hit back that big players like Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab and Anthony Fauci are not Jewish.

Therefore, it is easier to understand the coronavirus hoax as a globalist agenda. A globalist is not necessarily Jewish, but the entire concept of globalism has emerged from a culture that was stewing in Jewishness. If we break globalism down into its component parts, we find that each one of them is primarily Jewish in nature.

For example, all of the following phenomena were promoted and driven by Jews, and make up the framework of the globalist project:

The Jews themselves actively and openly take credit for “modernity in total.” A good recent book summarizing this is Modernity and the Jews in Western Social Thought by Jewish sociologist Chad Alan Goldberg. Goldberg brings us up to the current decade in terms of Jews shaping the Western world.

Of course, the core of globalism is blood libel against the Germans regarding the supposed fake shower room gas chambers at Auschwitz.

World War II and this alleged “Holocaust” are the root explanation as to why white people are not allowed to maintain their national identities. Without ever directly coming out and saying it, the entire narrative of the Holocaust event, which we are told is the defining event of Western civilization, is that whenever White European Christian people get together and are proud of their collective identity and the achievements of their people, it is only a matter of time before they start committing a genocide using fake shower room gas chambers.

If it were not for the influence of Jews, globalism would not exist.

The coronavirus hoax is a globalist plot. Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates have both admitted as much, as have various world leaders, with their talk of a “great reset,” a term that refers to the establishment of a new international order, wherein there will be a tiny financial and corporate ruling class, a small “Davos Man” managerial class, and everyone else on earth will be a part of an unwashed mass of mixed multitude peasants.

Given all of this, it is not a wonder that the Jews are concerned about being blamed for this monumental hoax, nor is it surprising that they are throwing their “anti-Semitism” killing word at anti-lockdown protesters.