Austria is Planning to Reopen on May 1

The economy is already so destroyed that it doesn’t really matter when we reopen. Keeping it closed now is just dropping nukes on a dead horse.

But reopening might keep some people from killing themselves or going on shooting rampages.


Austrians will soon be able to walk with no restrictions and gather in groups of 10, as coronavirus measures will be gradually lifted starting next month.

The easing of the self-isolation measures was announced by Health Minister Rudolf Anschober, who said that the spread of the novel coronavirus remains quite slow and the forecast for the upcoming month looks “very good.” He also said that the nation has coped with the epidemic “very well,” all thanks to the population, which “made it possible.”

The minister then said that going out will be permitted again starting from May 1, although a “minimal distance” of one meter between people in public spaces should still be observed. Interior Minister Karl Nehammer also announced that public gatherings of up to 10 people would be allowed in the near future. However, the new limit will not be applied for demonstrations, he noted.

The new rules will stay in place until at least the end of June, the government said, adding that the “opening up” could be halted at any time if the situation worsens again.

I remember when Donald Trump said he was going to open on May 1.

Also, I remember when he said he was going to open on Easter.

As I’ve said before, some of these European countries might be able to pull themselves together, and at least keep some semblance of basic, normal life.

America and Britain however, being the dual centers of the international Jewish invisible empire, are going to remain in a permanent state of lockdown. The degree of it will vary. They will ease parts of the restrictions, then reintroduce them, constantly, until the country eventually falls apart.

Madam Brix has already said that “social distancing” is going to last through the summer. And if they’re doing it in the summer, just after we’ve found out that nowhere near the number of people they predicted have died, they’re planning on keeping it going indefinitely.

No one is going to be able to resist any of this, because we’ve already sacrificed all of our basic freedoms. There is nothing we can do to resist. They will soon just start doing mass arrests – with all of the police brutality that entails – at these anti-lockdown rallies.

People have bought into this hoax wholesale, and enough of them are going to remain as true believers that the government is going to continue to have the power to do whatever they want.

The masses of people will allow the government to continue this virus regime, and they will celebrate the privileges that they get when they get the vaccine and the computer chip in their hand that proves they have the vaccine.

If you have the ability to move your family to somewhere in mainland Europe, that is probably a good call. Brits can do that relatively easily, I believe.