Austria: Interior Minister Suggests Demolishing Adolf Hitler’s Birth House

Info Stormer
June 13, 2016


The Austrian government wants to demolish Adolf Hitler’s birthplace to prevent mean Nazis from ever visiting it.

Because of the Jewish lie that Adolf Hitler supposedly gassed trillions of Jews in shower rooms, the Austrian government is suggesting that they must demolish the house he was born in.

They seem to think that demolishing the home will ensure that it can’t be turned into a Nazi shrine.

This is really stupid because we will see a day where all memorials dedicated to the stupid Jew Holohoax won’t exist.  They will all be torn down and replaced with monuments dedicated to great German World War II heroes.

The Local:

Austria’s interior minister remarked that a good ‘final solution’ for Hitler’s birth house would be for it to be demolished, speaking on national television on Saturday night.

The house has been regularly in the news, with the latest decision apparently resulting in a parliamentary bill to expropriate the house in the small town of Braunau am Inn, near the German border.

Controversy has raged since its current owner refuses to allow renovation or sale of the house, with fears that it could be turned into a shrine for neo-Nazis.

Sobotka told the TV audience that the expropriation was necessary, adding that “we have tried to clear up all possibilities for using it and buying it from the owner, but with no results.”

“For me, a demolition … would be the cleanest solution,” Sobotka said.

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