Austria: Gravestones Featuring SS Bolts to be Defiled

Daily Stormer
July 20, 2015

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It used to be that a man’s burial place was sacred; going back into pre-historic times, even a grave of your most bitter enemy was to be respected – certainly never to be defiled.

With the dawn of social justice, things have changed.

In the US, Confederate generals are having their bones dug up by SJW pyschopaths.

In Austria, similar psychopaths are defacing people’s gravestones.

Nothing is sacred to these people.

The Independent:

A cemetery plot owner in Austria is facing pressure to remove “disgusting” Nazi symbols from two tombstones after a visitor complained.

The bodies of SS second lieutenant Gisbert Katzwendel and Nazi party clerical worker Friedrich Katzwendel lie in the graveyard in Linz, Upper Austria, beneath stones emblazoned with SS lightning bolts.

It is illegal to publicly display Nazi regalia and symbols, and those who break the law can face criminal charges and a prison sentence. However, depictions erected before the law came into place in 1947 have previously been allowed.

Uwe Sailer, who passed the controversial graves when he visited his father-in-law’s plot, told the Kurier newspaper that he found the sight “disgusting”, according to a translation by the Local.At website.

Following a complaint by Sailer, the Upper Austrian organisation against right-wing extremism is calling on the cemetery owner to remove the SS bolts.

Karin Weilguny, who is in charge of the local authority’s cemeteries and burials department, told the Kurier that the city’s lawyers had asked the plot owner to remove the banned symbols by 27 July. If the owner fails to do so the SS bolts would be removed at their expense.

The goal of Marxism is to erase all history and tradition, to destroy the concept that anything can be sacred, to ensure that every single individual exists in a vacuum with no point of reference in anything that came before them.

It’s going swimmingly.