Austria: Education Officials Fired for Teaching “Nazi Apologist” Manfred Hausmann

Daily Stormer
May 16, 2014

Manfred Hausmann
Manfred Hausmann
Two top Austrian educators are resigning over yet another “Nazi” scandal, wherein they did the evil deed of featuring an essay by an evil Nazi on a test.

Once again, we see that the spirit of the German people is struggling to break free from the bonds which bind it and to remember what it is.


Following a high-profile data leak and a failure to communicate new grading scales, the final straw came when this year’s German test included a 1947 text by German author ManfreTwo senior Austrian educators will step down over a scandal in which a test administered to school-leavers featured an essay by a Nazi apologist, the latest in a series of missteps in awarding high school diplomas.d Hausmann, who had worked for Nazi propaganda magazine Das Reich.

Students were asked to reflect on how “The Snail” – in which a gardener decides the pest has to die to protect his plants – dealt with questions about nature and life. The test omitted to mention the broader context of the author’s Nazi past.

Salzburg educator Wolfgang Muehlbacher, part of a group of critical authors who exposed the incident, said a 15-member advisory panel of literature experts who picked the text had clearly missed its significance.

“I assume the people simply were not exact enough, took too little time for this so that they did not see what was going on,” he said. “Former Nazis who were involved in this whole machinery of crime have to read the text as absolving them.”

For those unaware, Hausmann isn’t typically even labelled as a “Nazi apologist” – like Heidegger, he is generally viewed as a person who is still valuable even though he supported the NSDAP. I would not be surprised if Heidegger is the next to be banned. Then we can go back and ban people who died before Hitler was ever born, based on the fact that they would have supported him if they had lived at the same time – which would pretty well clear all non-Jews out of German history.

It seems to me there are some pesky snails in the Austrian garden which need to be dealt with.