Austria: Chancellor Apologizes to the Vaccinated for Locking Them Down

We’re sorry, peasants.

But there’s a fourth wave. We’re entering into a whole new wave of the worst ever disease.

We have to make these decisions for you, or you could make a bad decision and die.


Austria’s chancellor has apologized to vaccinated citizens as the country once again descended into lockdown on Monday in an effort to tame a spiralling fourth wave of Covid-19 that threatens to overwhelm the healthcare system.

Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg told public broadcaster ORF that he empathized with the millions of his countrymen and women who had been vaccinated against Covid-19, as the country began a new lockdown.

“I’m sorry to take this drastic step,” Schallenberg said, according to the Associated Press. The lockdown, which starts on Monday, will last for at least 10 days and may extended for a further 10 days if Covid-19 indicators don’t improve.

The fresh lockdown measures apply to the entire Austrian population; the government had already imposed a partial lockdown on the unvaccinated in an effort to reduce hospitalization rates as Covid-19 cases soar.

When the 10-day nationwide lockdown ends, unvaccinated citizens will still be barred from certain public places.

Last week, Schallenberg announced that vaccinations would become mandatory from February 1. “We haven’t been able to convince enough people to vaccinate. For too long, I and others have assumed that you can convince people to get vaccinated,” the chancellor stated.

Yes. He believes in freedom, which is why he gave you an opportunity to choose.

But when you didn’t choose the way that was best for you, he decided it was time he made the decision for you.

After all, the purpose of the government is to be the mommy of adults. People grow up and they become adults, and then they don’t have their mommy taking care of them. That’s why governments were invented in ancient times – because people realized that adults needed a mommy to make their decisions for them.

It’s called democracy, and it’s our values and who we are.

Freedom doesn’t mean that you are allowed to go around making your own decisions about when you leave your house, or what you inject into your body. Freedom is about responsibility, and everyone in society has a responsibility to do whatever the government tells them to do.

That’s democracy, that’s who we are, and if you don’t like it you should move to China.

In democracy, we believe in beating this virus.

The only way to beat this virus is to periodically lock people in their houses every winter forever, and also to trap people into a technological control grid, monitoring their every movement, to completely destroy the economy by transferring all wealth to a tiny elite minority, and to establish a global government to change the weather.

This is all about a virus that according to The Science only has a 99.985% survival rate.