Austria: Catholic Bishops Commission Book Supporting Homosexuality

How many years of Bible study does it take to not understand this? 

You guys know that book that’s been around for a couple thousand years and that countless people have studied in the smallest detail?

Well, it turns out all of those people were wrong about one of the most obvious and least controversial parts in it, because…

Because someone thought it was mean.

Life Site News:

A new book commissioned by the Austrian bishops argues that homosexual relationships come from God, revealing God’s “goodness and humanity.” The book calls upon the Church to change her teaching against homosexuality and to bless homosexual relationships.

According to liturgical scholar Fr. Ewald Vollger OT, who contributed to the book, changing Church teaching on homosexuality “can be not only discussed, but also demanded.” The Church could only bless homosexual relationships after a previous change to Church teaching, as Vollger pointed out himself.

Talking to the diocesan newspaper of the Diocese of Linz, he said, “There is also a considerable number of bishops that would like to see a rethinking in the area of sexual morality for the evaluation of same-sex relationships.”

While making sure to distinguish the blessing from the sacrament of marriage, Vollger nevertheless claimed that homosexuality needs to be seen in a positive light.

“Just as marriage between a man and a woman is an image of God’s creative love, so is a same-sex relationship an image of God’s attention to human beings,” he said. “If partners live the gift of mutual love in faithfulness to one another and live their lives with the spiritual gifts of God such as kindness, forbearance, patience, reconciliation, etc., their relationship is also an image of God’s goodness and humanity.”

Vollger praised the blessing of homosexual couples on Valentine’s Day, as it takes place annually, for instance, in Cardinal Christoph Schönborn’s cathedral in Vienna. The blessing proposed in the book commissioned by the Austrian bishops, however, goes beyond that.

“A benediction, as proposed from the point of view of the theology of liturgy, would also have an official character through which the Church expresses the obligation of fidelity and the exclusivity of the relationship,” according to Vollger.

How is it possible that this guy hasn’t been kicked out of the Church?

He’s going against what the Church claims to be the literal word of God, and there are no consequences for it at all.

Do Catholics not do excommunications anymore?

These people are supposed to be spreading the word of the all-knowing, omnipotent creator of the universe, and they don’t seem to be taking their jobs very seriously.

And then they wonder why people don’t come to Church anymore…

German-speaking bishops are a significant force in advancing the homosexual agenda.

Cardinal Reinhard Marx, at the time head of the German Bishop’s Conference, said in 2019, “I insist: we welcome homosexuals, they belong to the Church, also to the sacramental community.” He added that homosexual couples can receive “a blessing in the sense of a pastoral accompaniment, we can pray together.”

The current president of the German Bishops’ Conference, Bishop Georg Bätzing, has also called for changing the Church’s official teaching on “practiced homosexuality” by “jumping over trenches.”

“Here the statement of the Catechism is first of all that these people are to be met with esteem and respect,” Bätzing said in an interview earlier this year. “But every single sexual act is seen as evidence of a disordered sexual life. This is something that many people no longer want or can understand.”

Bätzing claimed that in moral theology, “we have long since moved towards saying” that if “true love and faithfulness are lived,” even among same-sex partners, “we must acknowledge that.”

This is completely insane, this gibberish that they just make up out of thin air and then declare to be more important than the Bible.

What’s even more insane is that the rest of the Church, who’s presumably a little saner, does absolutely nothing about it.

They’ll keep on doing nothing until there’s nothing left of their religion.

How much longer till the Catholic church looks like this?