Austria: Best Olympian Athlete Quits Sporting Body to Protest Pureblood Oppression

You need to understand, after all of these months: everything about this hoax is being centrally planned. They try things in different areas of the West, then implement them in other areas.

The Australian system is a big part of the coming plan. But in Austria, we’re seeing the strategy for the management of the pureblooded being unleashed.

At least one guy is willing to stand up.


Austria’s most successful Olympian, Felix Gottwald, has accused the government of discriminating and dividing by introducing a strict lockdown for the unvaccinated, causing the country’s Sports Minister to defend the measures.

Around two million Austrians who have not yet received their Covid vaccinations have been subject to the ten-day measures, which have been implemented as their country faces a rise in cases and strains on its public health system.

They have received permission to leave their homes only for work or food shopping, with police carrying out spot checks across public spaces to determine vaccination status and dishing out fines ranging from €500 ($572) to €1,450 ($1,650) for anyone caught breaching protocol or refusing to comply.

“We are not taking this step lightly but unfortunately it is necessary,” said Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg.

In an open letter voicing his disgust at the move, three-time Olympic and triple world champion Gottwald has resigned from his role as chairman for popular sports while denouncing “division, agitation, [and] discrimination”, which he claims are “the government imperatives of the hour”.

“After nine official months in this function, I can say that there may be a lot going on in our country, but certainly not about the health and well-being of Austrians and the people living in Austria – and that in the midst of the greatest health crisis,” the Nordic combined all-time great said.

“I am deeply ashamed of our country and, as an Austrian, I am angry, sad and stunned at the same time.”

A self-professed “healthy person who uses sensible and sensible measures to contain the pandemic very responsibly”, Gottwald took aim at the Minister of Sports, Werner Kogler, and said that he “would have the power to set levers in motion that promote, rather than prevent, exercise and (popular) sport in what is probably the greatest health crisis of our time”, with the unvaccinated unable to partake in such activities.

“As an athlete, I have learned to deal with defeat and failure, to learn from them, to develop myself further and to treat myself and others with respect and dignity. I am currently missing these virtues entirely on the part of politics,” he stated.

As Gottwald thanked party members and the Bundes-Sport GmbH organization which he was a part of, he admitted that he accepted that he had “failed” in his duties and felt unable to “continue as if I wasn’t aware of the unsportsmanlike and unhealthy developments surrounding this pandemic”, which he said “is not an option for me.”

Amid protests in Austria, Kogler has responded by calling Gottwald’s resignation “regrettable” and defending the government’s decision.

“As a member of the commission for mass sport, he tried to contribute to the development of a real movement culture in Austria. I really appreciate his commitment in this area,” said Kogler.

Weird translation.

Isn’t German more or less identical to English? Why do we always get these weird translations?


It’s incredible that more famous people are not standing up.

I mean, sports players have to be seeing the number of their colleagues having heart attacks or just dropping dead.

How is there no self-preservation mechanism?

I guess if they do have a self-preservation mechanism, they will just quietly get a fake certificate, won’t they?

The only people who are going to speak out are people who believe in right and wrong, who believe that there is something more important in this life than material comfort and dopamine release.

Because of the “death of God,” there are not many people who believe in anything.

This is only going to get worse