Austria Announces Forced Vax of Everyone! Locks Entire Country Down!

We should watch what is happening in Austria, because this is one place they are testing their vax agenda.

Shortly after announcing a lockdown for the unvaxed, they’re now announcing a lockdown for everyone – and also a forced vaxing of the unvaxed.


Austria will introduce a full lockdown that could last for 3 weeks on Monday in an attempt to tackle a new wave of Covid-19 infections. The government has also ordered its entire population to get vaccinated from February 1.

On Friday, conservative chancellor Alexander Schallenberg told a news conference that a complete lockdown of the nation would begin on Monday and last for an initial 10 days.

He stated that the restrictions could be extended if infection rates did not start to fall but insisted the lockdown would not exceed 20 days.

The measures concern the entire Austrian population. The government has already imposed a partial lockdown on the unvaccinated in an effort to reduce hospitalization rates amid a surge in Covid-19 cases.

Schallenberg’s announcement came after a meeting of nine state governors, two of which had already vowed to introduce full lockdowns in their regions on Monday, in the western province of Tyrol.

The chancellor also announced that vaccinations would be mandatory from February 1. “We haven’t been able to convince enough people to vaccinate. For too long, I and others have assumed that you can convince people to get vaccinated,” he added, giving his rationale for the mandate.

Schallenberg said he lamented the political forces, radical opposition and fake news fighting against vaccination.

So what does forced vaccination look like? Are they going to take the military door-to-door?

Not likely! They don’t need to do that! They have a technetronic control grid in place, so they can just deny you food until you submit!


Seriously. I know some of the readership is good. But the fact that so many people kept saying “nuh-uh, Anglin, nuh-uh” just makes me want to smash my head against a brick wall.

But it’s here now – Austria is a fully normal Western country, meaning that if this is happening there, it can happen anywhere. I’m sure people will still continue to believe that it isn’t really happening, that Austria is somehow unique. I do hope that most of you now realize the situation we find ourselves in.

We can talk about how insane this is to fight what according to them is a mild flu with a 99.985% recovery rate. But what’s even crazier – as we keep telling you – is that the vaccine actually makes things worse. People who are vaccinated are more likely to die “from the virus” according to their own data. And countries that are “fully vaccinated” are going into lockdown.

Both Gibraltar and Ireland have vaccination rates over 90%, and they are going into lockdown. The vaccine simply does not fix whatever problem they are trying to fix.

But hey – if you force people to take the vaccine, they can’t complain about the fact that the vaccine doesn’t work, right? What are they going to do? Rise up against you? Not likely.

A vaxed uprising would mean heart attacks left and right.

At this point, it’s obvious that this is the point – the vaccine is going to cripple people’s ability to resist anything. So the only thing that matters now to the global elite is just getting as many people vaxed, by any means necessary, as quickly as possible.

This is happening now, it’s happening quickly, and I truly hope you’ve made good decisions. Things are about to get much, much worse, very quickly.