Austria: 51-Year-Old Female Journalist Bites Cop’s Leg to Stop Deportation of Chechen Family to Poland

Daily Stormer
July 29, 2017

Chechens – they’re like us, but friendlier

Why was that woman allowed to marry a foreigner?

Why was she permitted to work as a journalist?

Why are there any kikes left on this planet?

If Hitler came back from the dead, would he blow his brains out again in frustration?

Why are they deporting Chechens to Poland?

And above all – why the fuck are Chechens “refugees” when the last war there ended 17 years ago ???

So many questions, so little time…


A journalist from Austrian newspaper Wiener Zeitung has been suspended after she attempted to prevent the deportation of a Chechen family and attacked a police officer by biting them in the leg.

The journalist, 51-year-old Ines Scholz has been suspended from her job after claims that she attacked a police officer during an attempt at deporting a family of Chechen migrants to Poland. She is said to be the spouse of the grandfather of the children who also lived in the apartment Austrian newspaper Heute reports.

Wiener Zeitung is the “oldest, still published newspaper in the world”, and in the top 4 most read in Austria. And that’s one of their employees. Can you imagine the type of imbecile who reads that and makes decisions like who to vote for in the election after reading it?

The Chechen family set to be deported, a 34-year-old, a 38-year-old and their six children, had been living in the Austrian capital of Vienna since Autumn of 2016. Police raided the apartment in which they all lived in order to deport them back to Poland under the European Union’s Dublin Regulations.


The deportation of failed asylum seekers and illegal immigrants has been a contentious issue in Austria and other countries across Europe. Some have argued against sending migrants to other European countries like Hungary because their treatment of migrants does not meet certain standards.

Yeah, Hungary’s a total shithole filled with nazis. All of eastern Europe is for that matter, and we’re all nazis and we stone faggots, so please keep the “refugees from places that have nothing to run away from” over there, where they’re safe.

Many left-wing groups claim that certain nationalities cannot be deported back to their homelands because they do not deem them as safe countries even if the government recognises them as such.

Chechen migrants have become a focus recently due to alleged abuses of homosexuals in Chechnya by the government led by President Razman Kadyrov. Some have said that Kadyrov’s government has put homosexuals in concentration camps and when confronted on the issue Kadyrov told a journalist, “We don’t have those kinds of people here. We don’t have any gays. If there are any, take them to Canada.”

Canada would love them, I’m sure, but how about you just bog them instead? They’re your faggots, so they should go to your bogs.

Despite opposition from many left-wing regional governments, many of which have refused to cooperate with the German federal government, the people of Germany overwhelmingly support the deportation of illegal migrants and failed asylum seekers.

Unfortunately for the Krauts, they live in a (((democracy))), which is the system least likely to care about the opinion of the majority. Voting Merkel out of office in the coming elections might be fun, but it would only be symbolic, since literally all parties are basically the same.

So you’re gonna have to think of another solution…