Australians Show Us How to Treat an Anti-Masker

For too long, we’ve allowed anti-mask conspiracy theorists to risk killing us all with the coronavirus because of their stupid little gay faggot “freedoms.”

Now, in Australia, the people are saying “no more,” and alpha male chads are rising up and smashing bitches’ heads on the ground.

There is only one way to deal with an anti-masker.

It’s a five step process.

First, you put the anti-masker in a choke-hold.

Then, you throw them down against the floor, as hard as you can.

You want to be sure the head makes a solid “thump,” so that their body is completely lifeless.

Then, you pick the little faggot up – one hand on the trousers, one on the t-shirt.

And haul their little gay freedom-lover ass out the door.

If everybody would simply understand that we need to use hardcore, deadly violence against anyone who questions any aspect of the coronavirus narrative, we would all live forever.

We have to start smashing people’s heads against the concrete floor.

We don’t have any choice.

If we don’t stop this virus, everyone is going to die.

Hey But Seriously Though

Quit sharing this video and saying it’s an anti-masker. It’s not an anti-masker. It looks like an anti-masker, since the boy in the video is not wearing a mask and the security guard is, but it’s actually from a totally unrelated incident.


The sound of an Australian teenager’s head hitting the floor in a video circulating on social media might be called the thud heard ‘round the world, but the footage was spun falsely as the latest example of Covid-19 mask tyranny.

The video, which made the rounds on social media on Wednesday, starts with a skinny and unconscious teenager being carried from behind in a chokehold by a portly security guard. The guard throws the teen down, leading to his head hitting the floor with a loud thud, then picks him up like a ragdoll by his shirt and trousers, carrying his lifeless-looking body out the door.

It turns out that the incident occurred earlier this month at a hotel pub near Melbourne, and the unidentified teen was being evicted for misbehaving, according to local media reports. Witnesses said the 18-year-old had been thrown out of the pub earlier, then climbed a fence to get back in and rejoin his friends. When security staff began to escort him out a second time, he ran away from them, jumped behind the bar and poured himself a beer.

A security guard then grabbed him, punched him in the head and choked him unconscious, onlookers said. The video shows what happened thereafter, with the unconscious teen being dragged out of the business. Pub patrons loudly react with an “ooh” to the sound of the young man’s head hitting the floor, then turn and watch as he is picked up and carried away. None of the customers or other security guards attempted to intervene.

Here’s a local news report on it.

This has gone viral with people saying it is an anti-masker getting his skull smashed.

You have to wonder who starts these disinformation campaigns.

Here’s what will happen:

  1. Someone will see you share this video, saying the boy is an anti-masker
  2. They will find out the story was something else
  3. They will then not take anything else you say seriously

It poisons the well.

I’ve said for a long time that I think these disinformation campaigns are started by the other side, to try to make our people look like a bunch of morons. This is why I always try to call it out here when I see a hoax going around. There is so much real stuff happening, we need to focus on that, and not poison our own well with bad information.

This Will Actually Happen

Governments have already started brutally abusing people for not wearing masks. What you saw in that video could just as easily have been against an anti-masker.

They are already treating us like this.

Remember the woman who was outside at the football game and got tased?

There’s all kinds of videos of these arrests.

Here’s one that just came across my desk – behold, Brian Kemp’s Red Georgia.

Look at those two piece of shit ZOGbots arresting that poor bastard. He didn’t do nothing. That should be the video going viral this week, instead of the fake thing.

There was an incident last week in Canada, also at a Costco, where an anti-mask guy got manhandled.

Also last week, a German politician got thrown on the ground and cuffed for not wearing a mask.

It’s happening all the time. Totally out of control.

But if people see one mislabeled video, then they’ll start thinking they all must be mislabeled. That’s how the brain works – it recognizes patterns. It will also fall back on faulty pattern recognition when it is being pressured by society to reject a pattern.