Australians Do Not Appear to be Cooperating with the Hoax, God Bless Them

It’s summertime in Australia.

This video from Australian news shows a news reporter flipping his lid about Victorians having fun at the beach.

Watch the clip. It will fill you with joy.

A girl runs up and kisses the camera.

The guys are all climbing over him.

The news reporter is flipping out, saying, “FOLLOW THE RULES!!!!”

It’s not just young rascals who don’t care. They also show families.

Virtually no one has died in Australia, and they’ve done this insane lockdown, telling everyone they basically have to stay inside forever because last week two people died at a nursing home.

I’ve said that Australia is the testing ground, and they appear to be passing the test.

We have to resist this stuff, people. We don’t have any choice. I am not going to tell you to break the law, it’s your job to know what the laws are and if these rules are actually laws. But we have to start standing up against this insanity, like the people in Australia are doing.

Don’t let them keep you from having fun, mate.