Australians Caught Abroad Forced to Take Vax Before Being Allowed to Return to Their Home

Australia literally said “if you ever want to see your family again, take this experimental gene therapy injection.”

But somehow, this isn’t against the Nuremberg Code, because they didn’t literally hold them down and inject them?


Australia has eased its harsh international border curbs on Monday, allowing many families to reunite after months apart and prompting emotional scenes at airports in Sydney and Melbourne.

Starting from November 1, fully vaccinated Australian citizens have been greenlighted to travel abroad freely without a special permit or the need to quarantine on arrival. The move comes as much of Australia switches from the so-called Covid-zero pandemic-management strategy to living with the virus amid a large-scale vaccination drive. Over 77% of those 16 and older in the country of 25.9 million have received both shots of the jab so far, the health ministry said.

The Australian government had come up with one of the toughest responses to the pandemic, shutting down its international borders 18 months ago. Both citizens and foreign travelers have been barred from entering or exiting the country without an exemption. The move separated families and friends, leaving many Australians unable to attend important events, weddings or funerals.

Early on Monday, the flights from Singapore and Los Angeles were first to land in Sydney. Arriving passengers told the media that their journey was “a little bit scary and exciting” and described the final feeling of being able to return home after all this time as “surreal.”

The Nuremberg Code doesn’t just say that you can’t experiment on people, it also says that you can’t coerce them to undergo any medical treatment against their will.

Most people on the planet earth would prefer to be imprisoned for a few years than to be permanently barred from ever seeing their family again. That’s a fact.

Check the use of the word “consent” here.

I mean, we’ve had all these years of consent theory. According to the theory of consent established at the Weinstein trial, a person could sign a consent form, take the vaccine without resisting or saying they don’t want it, then a decade later claim that they didn’t really want the vaccine at the time and the person who administered it can be sentenced to decades in prison.

But we’re supposed to believe that “take this or never see your family again” is not a consent violation?

That is the thing about these people who run the modern order: there is no honesty, nothing is consistent or straightforward. There is no logic even, let alone a rule of law. It’s all a gigantic hoax – the system itself, a series of hoaxes.

This is the cost of not addressing hypocrisy. You have to address hypocrisy. We would all address it if we were accused personally of being hypocrites. Anyone with dignity would address that, and explain themselves. But this system, and the people that run it, exist without dignity. They can get away with anything.