Australian State Bans Dancing, Singing, Mingling at Weddings

The sunshine of your life is burned out.

Australia is a hot country with virtually no flu infections, real or imagined, and yet they’re being subjected to absurd measures of control.

It’s almost like this is just a gigantic global conspiracy to take everyone’s freedoms and reengineer society, huh?


Australia’s Victoria state on Friday reported a record daily increase in COVID-19 cases while neighbouring New South Wales said it was banning dancing, singing and mingling at weddings as authorities struggle to contain a new wave of infections.

The death toll rose to 116 after the death of three people in Victoria on Friday, still well below many other countries.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison said his government will provide any assistance needed, as he urged against panic.

New South Wales (NSW), Australia’s most populous state, said it has found eight cases of COVID-19 in the last 24 hours, mostly from community transmissions believed to have emanated from Victoria.

NSW state Premier Gladys Berejiklian said new restrictions will be imposed from next week.

Funerals and places of worship will be allowed no more than 100 people. Venues must also ensure they have 4 square metres of space per patron.

Weddings in the state will be capped 150 people, Berejiklian said, and they must remain seated.

“No dancing, no singing, no mingling,” Berejiklian told reporters in Sydney.

A total of 116 people in a country of millions have died of coronavirus, allegedly. (We don’t know if that is a real number, if they actually had coronavirus, or if they did have it if they actually died from it – virtually every government has gotten caught lying about this.)

We will now prohibit singing and dancing at private life event celebrations.

Don’t panic.

It’s very clear that this is all about forcing rules on people that affect them personally and cause them trauma. It’s about creating fear, paranoia and suffering.

But if you can keep people in a heightened state of paranoia, they won’t be able to notice it’s an agenda, they won’t be able to review the facts and see that for someone under the age of 55, you have more chance of drowning in a swimming pool than you do of dying of this virus.

Targeting weddings, taken on its own, is a direct attack on white reproduction. White people want to get married before they have kids, and dumb white skanks want big fancy weddings when they get married. So people are going to put it off.

Not that they weren’t going to put off having kids in the midst of this hoax anyway, married or not.

Along with stopping marriage and reproduction, this virus hoax is going to lead to a massive increase in divorces. That is already happening in China, Japan and Saudi Arabia.

When the second wave of mass unemployment hits, which is going to raise the numbers to at least 50% and probably more, maybe significantly more, you’re going to see massive divorce filings in the West.

White women simply will not stay married to a man who doesn’t have a job. These filthy whores have been told that marriage only exists to make them feel happy, and if they don’t feel happy, it’s their duty to get a divorce. The state of course encourages it, as does daytime TV.

This coronavirus hoax is the worst thing that has ever happened in history, and it needs to be put in a historical context: they are creating a new society by destroying the old one.