Australian Pervert-Defence Force Defends Perverts From Itself

Octavio Rivera
Daily Stormer
August 7, 2018

Welcome to clown world exhibit 128474573kkk, where the Defence Force’s business is protecting the feefees of demon-possessed sodomites.

Daily Mail:

Australian Defence Force personnel have been instructed to avoid terms like ‘him’ and ‘her’ in favour of more gender-neutral language.

A new LGBTI guide has recently been developed for the Australian Defence Force Academy, which trains future members of the Army, Navy and Air Force.

They developed a guide about respek for evolutionary dead-ends. Isn’t there more important stuff to develop? Like something that would actually help the defence of their people?

How much did that guide’s development even cost?

Why are we throwing money at making perverts more comfy?

Families can also have 0 members, goy.

The guide, aimed at ADFA staff, stresses the importance of being ‘mindful of respectful and disrespectful behaviours or language in relation to LGBTI members’.

Why is that important?

Imagine if someone came up to your class at school or to your workplace and started talking about the importance of being respectful and considerate towards people who identify as Cristiano Ronaldo?

They’d get laughed into oblivion.

Cristiano Ronaldo isn’t a spectrum, you see. You’re either Cristiano Ronaldo or you’re not. You can’t identify as Cristiano Ronaldo and expect others to go along with it because your identity is not something you impose upon others.

You can’t force others to think you’re Cristiano Ronaldo. They may call you Cristiano Ronaldo so you shut up and stop being a pain in the ass, but they’ll never believe or think you are him.

We learn that very early in life. The fact some people haven’t is no reason to accomodate their delusions.

Staff are told to apologise to fellow personnel ‘in the event they make a mistake’.

How about loonies apologize to actual people for being such disgusting bothers?

Brigadier Cheryl Pearce, Commandant ADFA, wrote it was her intent the guide would become a valuable resource for staff making decisions regarding LGBTI members.

Brigadier Cheryl Pearce, AM

What… is that… thing?

Cut that thing’s hair short, remove its makeup and it would kinda look like a composite of Jared Taylor and Jordan Peterson.

Are you seeing it yet?

An information graphic which was included in the Australian Defence Force Academy Staff LGBTI Guide 2017

They’re not even consistent (always enforce consistency on your opponents) within their convoluted ideology.

Why are “Male and Female” at the extremes? What about the third sex? What about people attracted to things such as bricks?

What about ecosexuals or vegans?

Why is the graph not distinguishing between male and female characteristics from other species too? Not all species have the same gender roles as ours. In many species of insect, the female is physically and sexually dominant over the male.

See what I mean? They’re just a bunch of ecosexual-phobic bigots.

‘All ADFA personnel need to appreciate that the deliberate use of non-inclusive language, exclusion and bullying due to gender diversity are some of the behaviours which can affect LGBTI members,’ the guide says.

The idea that gender is not a consequence of biological sex is retarded. It really is.

It doesn’t matter what a small group of failed genes manifest in LGBTQIP+ pervs, you don’t make rules out of exceptions, because guess what? They’re expections. They’re not the norm. They’re not welcome and they shouldn’t be.


I’m not saying we should do the halal rooftop thing. I’m not. But.

We don’t have to tolerate them.

These perverted beings could be as perverted as they want in private, without hurting any non-pervs, and no one would even know or care. But they don’t want to be themselves. They hate themselves so much, they want to ruin the rest of the world hoping they’d get to feel normal someday, once everyone’s as fucked up as them.

For all their talk about being unique, having their own identity and overall high snowflakeness levels, they don’t seem convinced about it themselves.

Think about it.

Would Cristiano Ronaldo have to remind you that he’s Cristiano Ronaldo multiple times, every time you see him? Would he have to convince you that he’s Cristiano Ronaldo, every single time?

Would he throw a tantrum each time someone doesn’t call him Cristiano Ronaldo?

These perverted beings don’t understand that they can’t cheat reality like that. Even if they manage to fool everyone around them after countless surgeries, riots, and hormones, they’ll never be the real deal.

They’ll never be the Cristiano Ronaldos they want to be. They’ll never have his money, his relationships, his metabolism, his skill, his charm.

They’d be but an empty made-in-China plastic shell that would collapse after setting foot on a football field.

That’s what these demented pervs are.

Cheap, ludicrous knockoffs.