Australian Parliament Investigating Rupert Murdoch for Having Too Much Media Control

Liberals are all as out of touch as Joe Biden. They are uncool and they have no idea what is even going on around them at any given moment. They live in a static past.

It is not uncommon for commissars of the ruling elite to be left in a befuddled and confused state. This makes it easier for them to serve their masters, who they probably would not think much of if they knew what was actually happening.

Right now, Rupert Murdoch’s media properties are playing the single most important role in the process of attempting to secure the coup of Joe Biden. Fox News and the New York Post are outlets that have long been marketed to conservatives, and are now targeting them for abuse.

Meanwhile in Australia, liberals, having no idea of the subversive role that Murdoch’s media is playing to help their agenda, are attacking Murdoch’s News Corp as too right wing.

Channel News Asia:

Australia’s parliament will launch an inquiry into media ownership, a prominent senator said on Wednesday (Nov 11), after more than half a million people signed a petition demanding a probe into Rupert Murdoch’s news dominance.

The online petition attracted a record number of signatories after being launched on Oct 12 by former Labor prime minister Kevin Rudd, a frequent target of newspapers controlled by Murdoch’s News Corp.

The Australian arm of the New York-headquartered company is the country’s largest media organisation, owning papers in nearly every major city as well as cable television networks and magazines.

Senator Sarah Hanson-Young, a prominent politician from the minor Greens party, said the Senate had backed her push to probe the lack of news media diversity in Australia.

“Very glad to see the Senate support this and establish an inquiry immediately,” she tweeted.

“Australians have become increasingly concerned about the concentration of media ownership and the power and political influence of Murdoch.”

The country’s opposition parties united behind the move in the Senate to effectively sidestep the conservative government, which enjoys strong support from the Murdoch press and had not acted on the petition’s demand for a royal commission.

In launching the petition, Rudd decried News Corp as a “cancer on our democracy” operating an effective “monopoly”.

“This power is routinely used to attack opponents in business and politics by blending editorial opinion with news reporting,” the petition stated.

“These facts chill free speech and undermine public debate.”

When he came out with this announcement, I pointed out that it is effectively anti-Semitism to claim that domination of the media is a threat to democracy. In America of course, News Corp owns only a fraction of the media, and the rest of it is totally owned by Jews, who push the exact same narrative. These Jews also work to silence any independent voices, such as that of Andrew Anglin or Alex Jones, so that no one can push back against their narrative.

Murdoch’s properties had for years been outside of that Jewish paradigm. Still influenced by Jews, and still often pushing a Jewish agenda, they at least gave the impression to the American people that there was some form of public debate happening. That is now ending, as Fox News has confirmed that the usurper Joe Biden is in fact “the president elect.”

This having been said, as an anti-Semite, I absolutely agree that media domination by a small group of people is a threat to any society. The good news is, we have a very easy way to fight back against that, and that is the internet. The internet provided independent voices the ability to reach as many people as the mainstream, entrenched establishment media.

Unfortunately, over the last few years there has been a massive movement by the establishment media itself to shut down independent voices by pushing for widespread internet censorship. The solution to media consolidation is thus simply to encourage freedom of speech by restricting the ability of these monopolistic internet companies to shut down the rights of the people to freely speak their minds.