Australian Media Demands Unvaxed Guy Die

They’re not telling you the whole story.

There are no people in their thirties who get “hospitalized from Covid” unless they have cancer or some other serious problem.

(Technically, it is possible for an otherwise healthy middle-aged person to get very sick from the flu, but it is incredibly rare. This could technically be one of those cases, but it is more likely they’re just not mentioning that he has some serious cancer.)

The unvaccinated Gold Coast man who contracted Covid-19 has deteriorated and he may need to be placed in intensive care, according to Queensland’s top doctor.

Duran Raman, aged in his 30s, has been named as the man from Broadbeach who on Thursday broke Queensland’s 15-day streak without a locally acquired case.

Police are investigating if the man, who worked as a ride-share driver, crossed the Queensland border illegally, but chief health officer Jeannette Young said he’s “very unwell” and currently unable to provide information to authorities.

“They’re keeping a very close eye on him – he’s on high-flow oxygen and he’ll probably need to go into intensive care,” the top doctor told reporters on Friday morning.

This news segment is promoting false news, claiming that not getting vaccinated “could have cost him his life.”

Even the sickening lying science say that you’re more likely to “die from Covid” if you’ve been vaccinated.

There were no new locally acquired cases in Queensland on Friday, but authorities are desperately trying to track the man’s movements after he spent 10 days infectious in the community before testing positive to the virus.

However, inquiries have been hampered by the fact he is too sick to speak.

The Queensland government had earlier announced Mr Raman had not used the Covid-19 check-in app since early September.

Ohhhhhh, he didn’t use the app!


The NPC reaction to this story is accurately represented in the following meme:

Really nasty folks.