Australian Jews Seek to Ban Nazi Flag, Ban People Talking About Jews

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 26, 2020

Bill refuses to take down his swastika flag because this is Straya cunt.

The number one threat to Jews is people talking about them. So they will always try to make it illegal for people to talk about them.

Daily Mail:

A Jewish group has backed proposals for displays of the Nazi swastika symbol to be made illegal, but says any new laws should go further than that.

The Jewish Community Council of Victoria have called on the state’s Racial and Religious Tolerance Act to completely ban the public display of the Nazi symbol.

The group’s president Jennifer Huppert addressed a parliamentary committee on Tuesday and said the swastika ban was simply a ‘knee-jerk’ reaction and more needed to be done with hate material.

‘There’s been issues about the swastika, Nazi flags being flown, people doing other things … this is not new, it’s something that’s been simmering for a while,’ she told the committee, The Age reported.

‘I don’t have a problem with [the ban] but, and we’ve discussed it, we think it’s important there’s a [broader] ban on hate material.’

The swastika was the main symbol of the Nazi government that ruled Germany from 1933-45 and which ran death camps that killed tens of millions of people, including an estimated six million Jews.

Islamic Council of Victoria vice-president Adel Salman also addressed the committee about proposed new laws, and said acts of hate against Muslims had increased since the Christchurch terrorist attack which saw 50 innocent worshippers killed. 

He said the organisation is working to launch a hotline for Muslims to report any hate crime.

‘We need to send a very clear message that any form of hate directed towards religious communities is unacceptable and will not be tolerated,’ Mr Salman told the committee.

He hopes the government would work with the Islamic Council to implement the hotline.

The committee has until September 20 to report any recommended changes to the government.

roflmao “government sponsored hotline for immigrants to report locals who dislike them.”

Imagine what these people must think of us, as they come to our countries to steal from us and we pander to them, treating them like walking gods.

And our governments make the local people slaves whose only purpose in life is to serve these foreign masters.

It is really incredible.

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