Australian ISIS Bride Refuses to Return Home With Her Son “Because There Are Naked Women On The Streets”

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
March 27, 2019

This radical wombman dared to reject THE ABSOLUTE EMPOWERMENT that white countries have offered her.

How dare she reject whoredom.

Fox News:

An ISIS bride has said she won’t return home to Australia because she doesn’t want her son to see naked women on the streets.

Janai Safar, 24, left to join the jihadi terror group in 2015 and is currently living in a refugee camp in northern Syria after its defeat.

But unlike British bride Shamima Begum, former nursing student Safar is adamant she doesn’t want to return home.

It was my decision to come here to go away from where women are naked on the street,” she told The Australian.

I don’t want my son to be raised around that.

Why doesn’t she want THE ABSOLUTE EMPOWERMENT we’ve offered her?

Every other wombman is already enjoying the benefits of Equality, Freedom and Her Turn.

See the above picture? Those are feminist nurses applying feminist first-aid to a wounded man. We made that possible by sexually liberating women, because as we all know, sexual energy is a powerful drive, and we were artificially limiting their creative and productive drive by keeping them from becoming serial dick tasters.

Serial dick tasting allows women to become productive members of society.

Don’t believe me?

Look at the following pictures.

Women are changing the world. They’re taking their things to the streets, man. They’re taking the streets, and they’re also taking our wealth through the government. When you hear “the future is female,” understand that this is an unstoppable force.

Women ask, we provide, therefore women drive.

See how fit that slut got from all the sex she was able to have thanks to the pill and stuff?

Being sluts is good for women’s health. All that leg spreading and muscle stretching keeps them fit.

There must be something wrong with this ISIS bride.

We’ve given women everything they’ve asked for, and now she’s rejecting us. Why is this ISIS bride rejecting us?

Why is she rejecting FREEDOM?

This ISIS bride just proved that the freedom and empowerment we’re currently offering here is not enough.

We must double down on freedom and empowerment in order to satisfy all women and get them to accept whoredom.

The natural clothing of humans is body hair, therefore we have to make women grow theirs so they no longer walk naked in the street.

Body hair will cover them, and once that happens, Janai Safar will finally come home.