Australian Government to Pay Muslim Youth Millions to Turn Against Terror

Hamish Patton
Daily Stormer
May 16, 2015

The plan is simple: we teach them liberalism through compassion and understanding
The plan is simple: we teach them liberalism through compassion and understanding

In a genius bid to lure Muslim youth away from the glamorous life of terrorism the Australian government is throwing $545 million you-beaut taxpayer dollars on the table to help find them jobs and teach Aussie values, The Daily Telegraph reports.

The brilliance of this strategy is that it completely contradicts traditional resolute policies regarding the payment of ransom for hostages. In this case, the government appears to be admitting the hostage is the Australian nation and its people.

The loot is to be split between social services to ensure that “new arrivals” learn Australian values and a “jobs not Jihad” program to assist these “vulnerable young Australians.” For without such financial and social intervention as finding these lazy Middle Easterners and Africans ready-made jobs — in a program that highlights the success of multiculturalism — these otherwise angelic young spirits may turn to beheading complete strangers in Australian shopping malls out of a sense of alienation.

Of course,  this is happening at the same time it has been revealed that the level of homelessness among Australians is at a five year high, with most sleeping rough on streets. One wonders where these jobs are coming from and just who matters more — violent foreigners who hate us, or those whose ancestors built the country.

Social Services minister Scott Morrison, the former hard-nose now turned appeaser behind the ‘stop the boats policy,’ waxed lyrical to media saying, “We don’t want to see young Australians on the road to Damascus.”

It is our moral duty to save these innocent serial killers from becoming victims of their own behavior.
These people need jobs, damn it!

It’s a long walk for sure, and across rough oceans, but the curious wording implies they’re already “Australians” in which case such measures are unnecessary. But this luminary of double-talk continues, “We want to support young Australians in these vulnerable communities to make the right decisions about their future. This includes support for priority groups facing pressure due to their cultural or religious diversity, including efforts to reduce incidents of racism or alienation.”

Now, once again, the ass is backwards because the “vulnerable communities” appear to be the non-Muslims in danger of being blown into mincemeat by camel coons who don’t belong there in the first place.

Still, paying bullies not become a threat has always worked in the past, so the government in its bottomless wisdom obviously knows what it’s on about.

Muslim community leader, some ex-goat herder named Jamal Rifi, had a grip-and-grip press meeting with Mr Morrison as he told The Saturday Telegraph, “I’m elated, excited and looking forward to participating in finding young people employment and getting them support.”

Allah akberrrr: Jamal Rifi was "elated" when he heard about mo money fo dem programs
Allah akberrrr: Jamal Rifi was “elated” when he heard about mo money fo dem programs

These shekels have an even shrewder use, too, as the government helps train teachers, police and prison guards how to spot a future terrorist without the aid of scientifically engineered goggles.

So you see, while the government cannot even implement policies that aid actual Australians in finding work, it’ll dig deep into taxpayer coffers to pay for hateful aliens to drive forklifts, even if it has to use the money to build the forklifts.

As for Aussie values, one has to wonder what they are, since it’s continually promoting multiculturalism programs and denouncing ‘Aussie culture’ as “bogan.” So if by “values” the mean “don’t kill innocent people for a  non-existent pedophile god” then perhaps they ought to have the gonads to actually come out and say so.

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