Australian Government Attempts to Shut It Down as Melbourne Protestors Stand Their Ground

Protests in Melbourne (and, to a much lesser extent, other major Australian cities) continued on Thursday.

You might not have heard much about them, though, because the Australian government, in a desperate attempt to prevent Aussies from showing the world what’s happening in their country, shut down their largest internet service providers and declared at least one area (central Melbourne) a media no-fly zone.

Basically, several parts of Australia suffered a state-enforced blackout throughout the entire day.

Downdetector showed that Telstra, one of the country’s biggest ISPs, was having ongoing stability problems in all the areas where protestors were expected to gather.

“Pure coincidence” -Australian government

Due to these severe restrictions, few media outlets reported on anything substantial. The best footage – as always – came from the protestors themselves, who had a chance to upload their videos to social media once internet services returned.

What limited footage we have from Melbourne reveals a protest that shows no signs of slowing down.

The Australian police – also known as the ZOGBots, badge niggers or jigaboos in blue – doubled down as well, further oppressing their own people for their 30 pieces of silver.

Some news outlets did report on the fact that a policeman smashed a protestor’s head on the ground.

The lad wasn’t even doing anything wrong.

A Melbourne man who was flung headfirst to the ground by a police officer who approached him from behind amid a high-intensity anti-protest operation was “calling for his mum” when he woke up from being unconscious, according to a “distressed” witness.

Shocking footage has emerged of an officer walking up behind the man standing in Flinders Street Station yesterday, before violently slamming him headfirst into the ground.

The video — which police say they are investigating — is being spread widely on social media and was filmed during widespread unrest in the city.

The victim appears to be standing in the station, calmly talking to several other police officers, when the officer approaches from behind.

The officer grabs the man by the shoulders and throws him to the ground in a swinging motion.

The man’s face can be seen bouncing off the ground as his headphones go flying.

“This poor guy was calm, he was just talking to the police,” the woman who posted the footage wrote in the caption.

“You can see it in the video then he gets thrown to the ground. You can hear his face hit the tiles. He was unconscious, blood and urine everywhere.”

The woman, who wanted to remain anonymous, said that the police officer who took the man down handcuffed him while he was unconscious. Paramedics did attended but reportedly were told by police they were not needed.

Local news has also reported that Victoria police have placed a no-fly order on media helicopters for the next three days.

This shows that these insane attempts at suppressing the protests have failed, and that the government knows the protestors – construction workers and supporters alike – are going to hit the streets again and again until they get what they want.

Their demands were actually made quite clear from the outset.

Simple as.

We’ll keep you updated as things progress.

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