“Australian” Citizen Born of Somali Parents Plotted Mass Shooting Attack on New Year’s Eve

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
November 28, 2017

This skinny monkey is about as Australian as Crocodile Dundee was Somalian.

A low IQ Somali born in Australia has just been arrested for plotting a mass shooting attack in Melbourne.


Australian police have arrested a man accused of planning a mass shooting for New Year’s Eve in a crowded Melbourne square, officials said Tuesday.

Ali Ali, a 20-year-old Australian-born citizen with Somali parents, was trying to obtain an automatic rifle to attack the downtown Federation Square in Australia’s second-largest city, Victoria State Police Deputy Commissioner Shane Patton said.

Thousands of revelers pack the square each year on New Year’s Eve.

Ali downloaded instructions from an al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula website on how to launch a terrorist attack and how to use guns, Patton said.

So we’ve been told over and over again that race doesn’t dictate a person’s behavior. If a non-White person is born in a majority White country, they will magically behave just like the White people living there. That’s literally the insane theory that has been used to justify all of this multiculturalism and diversity garbage. Does this story not prove what a lie this is?

Here we have someone with Somali parents born in Australia who was given all the privileges of Australian citizenship. Instead of doing something productive with his good fortune, he chose to plot a mass shooting attack.

What are these monkeys doing in our countries? What is the purpose of them being here? What is the exact benefit? Nobody can provide a logical answer to these questions.

Australia needs to go back to the policies of the past and only allow people of White European racial stock to become Australians. If they don’t, this type of thing is only going to continue.