Australian Church Fined for Selling People Bleach to Cure Coronavirus

There is yet to be any scientific study proving that drinking bleach is not a miracle cure for everything from autism to coronavirus.

I would rather drink bleach than die of the most deadly virus which has ever existed ever in history.

ABC Australia:

The Australian chapter of an international church selling and promoting bleach as a cure for COVID-19 has been issued infringement notices totalling $151,200.

The Genesis II Church of Health and Healing has been claiming chlorine dioxide is a “miracle cure”.

For years it has sold the industrial bleach as Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS), stating it can cure things like autism, acne, cancer, diabetes and now COVID-19.

MMS is not approved for human consumption in Australia.

It is being sold as “water purification drops” on the website of the Australian chapter of the church, MMS Australia.

Following an investigation by 7.30 last week, the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) today announced it had issued 12 infringement notices totalling $151,200 to MMS Australia for alleged unlawful advertising of Miracle Mineral Solution and other medicines.

A TGA spokesperson told 7.30 it was concerned about the harmful effects that could be caused by the ingestion of MMS.

It has posted an updated safety advisory to warn the public about claims made online about MMS.

“MMS Australia refers consumers who visit its website to a ‘Testimonials’ page, which includes representations that MMS is capable of treating, among other things, COVID-19,” the spokesperson said.

“The TGA considered both the claims found directly on the website along with content found through links, including videos and testimonials in its assessment.”

One thing is for certain: drinking bleach is safer than going on a ventilator.

At least with the bleach, you’ve got a chance. Being hooked on a ventilator so the hospital can get their $39,000 from medicare is basically a death sentence.