Australian Abos are Nearly Worse Than Blacks

Daily Stormer
October 11, 2014

Abos: More prehisotric than Negroes.
Abos: More prehisotric than Negroes.

In Australia, not only are the dealing with the invasion from everywhere – as we all are – they also have to deal with an invasive local species called the aboriginal.

Though they may be less aggressive than your average Negro, they are just as primitive – that is to say, they are incredibly vibrant and colorful.

With an average IQ of 62, they hadn’t even discovered how to make fire by the time the White man showed up, let alone how to make the wheel.  There was even a tribe that had yet to make the connection between sex and pregnancy.

Isn’t it fantastic to be exactly the same as these people, ye White man, who invented the rocket ship?

They have recently discovered that they can simply claim things that White men have built, due to their place as an oppressed group of primitive subhumans.  They are a drunken pest which gets free everything from the labor of the White man, and still uses all their available energy to whine.

The Australian government has had to put out PSAs telling these completely equal vibrants not to sleep in the road.

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  1. >”invasive local species”

    Are you fuckin stupid?

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